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There are a lot of workplace factors that affect the productivity levels of your employees. From their coworkers to their work environment, all can contribute to how much work employees are able to do and whether they are able to produce it well.

With that said, one of the significant factors that contribute to employee productivity is how clean and tidy their workspace is. Thus, it is vital that you as an employer keep track of the cleanliness and organization of the workplace.

Whether you opt for commercial cleaning services or not, it helps that you apply the following cleaning tips below. When you keep these in mind, you are a sure help to the productivity of the employees in the office.

1. Organize files and folders

One office cleaning tip that is sure to influence the productivity of your employees is how the office organizes paperwork. Often, people who receive paperwork may tend to leave the said paperwork right on their desk even after they’re done with it.

When you keep this habit, you may end up unable to find important files right when you need them and it can cause a delay in business operations. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to teach employees about the proper home of each file and folder.

Communicating how the filing system works is key so that no one person is responsible for organizing files and folders. Don’t cause delays in the flow of information in the office and encourage your employees to organize their paperwork.

2. Clean all electronic devices regularly

More often than not, an office has a constant use for electronic devices. Given the frequent usage that these devices receive, it’s a shame that not a lot of them receive regular cleaning.

An electronic device that is kept clean on a regular basis lasts longer and is less prone to hardware malfunctions due to dust or dirt accumulation. Aside from that, you also remove the germs that come into contact with your employees.

Regular cleaning of electronic devices not only increases productivity by ensuring that all tools work as they should. It also boosts productivity by reducing sick days caused by the spreading of germs.

3. Declutter your desk

The desk is the second home of employees when they clock in for work every day because this is the place where they stay at most frequently. Even though this is the case, some employees tend to take that fact for granted.

Little do a lot of people know, how one’s desk looks can affect their focus and work quality without them being aware of it. Therefore, a cluttered desk can be a distraction and an added obstacle to being able to buckle down and do one’s work.

Thus, when keeping employees’ productivity in mind, always check to make sure that they make it a habit to declutter their desk every now and then.

4. Keep common areas clean

The office space is a busy place that receives constant foot traffic and is occupied on a regular basis. With that in mind, it is important that you keep the common areas of the office clean because these are places that plenty of employees pass through.

Seeing clutter and dirt in common areas can distract and even lower job satisfaction amongst your employees. Common areas aren’t just used for lounging after all. Sometimes it’s used to do work at a different environment away from the desk.

By staying on top of the cleanliness of these common rooms, you go a long way to maintaining overall cleanliness in the office as well as the levels of productivity of employees.

5. Keep the pantry tidy

The office kitchen or the pantry is a place where most employees eat and keep their food. Aside from that, this is a place where people keep common office cutleries that a lot of people use.

Make sure that you encourage office kitchen etiquette by setting up reminders such as cleaning dishes that they use instead of leaving them in the sink untouched. Also, if you see expired food in the refrigerator, whether or not it was yours, to begin with, encourage employees to throw them away.

A clean kitchen makes for a healthier employee. A healthier employee is more productive and professional.

6. Empty the waste bins daily

Nobody likes throwing away something into the trash only to find that it’s already full. Although nobody likes to see a full waste bin. Not a lot of people will initiate throwing them away either.

With that said, encourage your employees to make the habit of emptying waste bins on a daily basis. To better set this habit up, set a specific time for it. A great time to do this is right before they go home from work.

Setting this habit up encourages employees to be more mindful. At the same time, it teaches them to be more responsible and clean their office space.

7. Hire professional office cleaners

There are just some things that can’t be solved by grit and rules and regulations. Sometimes, you need to enlist the help of professionals to do the job for you. You’ll find that hiring professionals can be more effective and efficient in solving your problems.

On that note, hiring professional cleaners to regularly clean the office is a great way of maintaining a higher level of cleanliness in the office. When an office is all shiny and new all the time, it contributes greatly to the work environment of your employees.

Professional office cleaners may spot messes more than you or your employees can so if you have the budget for it, then have professional office cleaners do the job for you.

The cleanliness of your office improves the concentration of your employees. Plus, it helps make their working environment a healthier place. All of which contribute to how productive an employee could be.

With that in mind, always make it a habit to keep track of the following office cleaning tips to make sure that your office is always clean and productive.


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