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The Indian summer may be quite discomforting due to rising temperatures. The best way to keep off the humidity and survive the rough weather is by buying the best AC.

While there is no shortage of brands and types of ACs for you to choose from, however, you need to be careful while making that choice as it is going to impact your power bills in the long run.

Hence, it becomes important to pick an AC with a good Star Rating. If you want to buy an AC but are confused between 3 Star and 5 Star ones, read on to know more!

The Star Rating System 

A Star Rating System shows the energy efficiency of an ideal AC or any other electrical appliance. The higher the Star Rating, the more efficient it will be.

It is regulated by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) which ranges from 1 to 5 Stars.

How is Star Rating decided?

The Star Rating is given considering 2 factors in mind –

  • The cooling capacity of an AC

    – It is nothing but a measurement of its capacity to cool down a room. It is depicted in British Thermal Units (BTU).


  • The Energy Efficiency Rating or EER

    – It is the amount of cooling that an AC can provide while using a specific amount of power.

When you opt for a 5 Star Rated AC, it will cool the room in an efficient manner without consuming too much power. Overall, a 5 Star AC will cool the room faster using lesser electricity when pitted against a 3 Star AC.

Experts also suggest that the ideal AC temperature save electricity ranges between 22 and 24 degrees.

  • Buying the best Star Rated ACs can help

An air conditioner is not only a huge one-time investment but also leads to an increased monthly power bill if you haven’t made the choice smartly. A high electricity bill month after month is enough to derail your budget. Hence, you should give due importance to Star Rating while buying the ideal AC in the market.

  • The dilemma of buying a 3 Star and a 5 Star AC

Going by what we have covered so far, we know that higher the Star Rating of an appliance such as an AC, the lower will be the electricity bill. For eg: if the electricity bill comes around Rs.500 using a 3 Star AC, then it will be Rs.580 using a 5 Star AC.

It is because the Star Rating of AC or any other electrical appliance is calculated in the form of Energy Efficiency Rating or EER. The 3 Star AC comes with an EER ranging between 2.9 and 3.9 whereas a 5 Star AC has an EER of 3.3 and more.

As a result, the cost of owning and operating a 5 Star AC when compared to a 3 Star AC is much lower and affordable on a regular basis.

Leading 5 Star and 3 Star ACs at a glance

Now that you don’t have any confusion regarding the 3 Star and 5 Star ACs, have a look at leading models to help understand the point further.

  • Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC

A 1-ton air conditioner may suit the needs of a small family and while also helping them to save up to 25% on power bills. The Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC may be a perfect choice with features such as:

  • 1-ton capacity – excellent for a small room
  • Comes with a 5 Star Rating for energy savings up to 25%
  • Auto restart facility
  • Aluminum condenser – value for money alternative

The price of this 5 Star AC is around Rs.34,000 in India.

  • Onida 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Buying a 1.5 ton 3 Star AC can cool a medium room and also save up to 15% on power bills. The Onida 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC may be an apt choice that comes with useful features such as:

  • 5-ton capacity – suitable for a medium room
  • 3 Star Ratings for energy savings up to 15%
  • Auto restart feature
  • Copper condenser
  • Sleep mode

You can buy this 3 Star AC at around Rs.31,000.


Above all the points which are stated and necessary to buy an air conditioner are worthwhile this summer to get you the best branded 5-star or 3-star ac, but you also need to check certain factors like No cost EMI facility, summer offers, etc. Check all the lenders in the online market and then purchase your desired air conditioner.


5 Star or 3 Star AC

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