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Business Structure and Management Style In Sri Lanka

The success of businesses in Sri Lanka is based on several factors that enable them to beat their competitors easily. Among the critical issues that affect the operations of the companies include the organizational structure and the external environment. Emphasis on these forces gives the company an image that any company director would prefer to craft for his or her company.

Organizational Structure and Management

The organizational structure is very crucial. Companies in Sri Lanka have invested massively in a functional structure. The overall leader in a corporation is the chief executive officer. He leads a team of people with each one of them entitled a function to run. A good organizational structure makes businesses as collaborative as possible. All individuals are responsible for different departments with their functions well defined in each department.

Forces Influencing the Company’s Environment

The future of the company is dependent on several factors. Among these factors is the leadership of the organization, task environment, economic forces, political forces and international environment. Leadership of the company is defined by the organizational structure of the company. Most businesses in Sri Lanka are famous for skilled and visionary leadership. Good leadership enhance business performance and survival in a challenging environment.

Business Structure and Management Style In Sri Lanka

Task environment is determined by the activities of the staff of the organization. The outstanding performance of businesses in Sri Lanka is as a result of collaborative operations between the staff of the corporations. With each of them having a clear and well-defined duty in the company, the employees focus on maintaining proper business performance for the company. It is through skilled and motivated staff that a company can perform well in any environment.

International forces are also very influential to the future of the company. For example, a global crisis can be very dangerous to the operations of the company. With an unclear definition of the activities that are likely to occur, the company remains prone to adverse challenges that may not be predictable. People willing to travel to Sri Lanka to do business should get a Sri Lankan Visa.

Political forces can have a massive impact to the uncertainty of the company. Political policies that are made in the countries within which the company operates are very crucial in defining the future of the company.

Economic forces also have an effect on the operations of businesses in Sri Lanka. Economic policies are very influential to activities of most companies. Uncertainty always surrounds businesses as a result of unknown economic forces which may arise in the different environments within which the businesses operate.

As a way to solve environmental uncertainty, it would be vital to consider the role that junior staff may play in determining the environment within which business takes place. Their relationship with the customers may have a concrete effect to define responsiveness in the environment. It is paramount for the organization to foster proper measures to govern the relationship between the company, employees and the customers of the company

Response to the Organization’s Environment

One of the responsive measures that the companies in Sri Lanka have undertaken is adoption of innovation within the company. The corporations are well known of their originality when it comes to production of devices. These companies invest heavily in modern technology, research and continual improvement.


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