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Handling high volumes of clients sometimes becomes very challenging for the tax professionals, especially in the tax season. At this point, they need to automate their operations by employing a specialized computer application with features that they are looking for. In this article, we will discuss top software programs that can really make your job easy.

TaxWise is a professional tax solution that assists you in filing high volumes of tax returns for your clients. It offers all required forms allowing fast data entry, simple usage and integrated services to organize fee collection from your clients. You can choose from five different service packages, based on your own needs and available budget.

Tax Slayer Pro is regarded as one of the top software programs for professional tax consultants, and includes free unlimited 1040 Federal and State e-File solutions. Other features of this application are bank product integration, full depreciation module, paperless office and diagnostic alerts. Moreover, Online Taxes Professional (OLTPRO) is offering its software solution in web and desktop versions, both with unlimited returns. The desktop version is best suitable for professional tax advisors, as it exclusively features business/corporation forms, check printing, client data backup, corporate income tax filing and document management.

Sigma Tax Pro is a five-star tax software available in three different packages. The TW (Premium) package features real time calculations, multitasking, conversion software, quality control and much more. Being offered at a very low price, this is quite possibly the best software for tax professionals around. The utilities provided by Sigma Tax Pro are comparable with UltraTax CS, which is offered by the CS professional suite of Thomson Reuters. However, the price of UltraTax CS is relatively high. If you have a small number of clients, you can go for the “Per Return Pricing” feature to save your cost.

Other solutions that can help you in e-filing bulk of returns include Magtax, Intuit ProSeries Tax Software, Drake Tax Planner and ATX. The tax preparer companies desiring to hire professional tax solution to simplify their operations must consider some key factors before making their decision. These factors include ease of use, integration with other applications, data security, document management, update frequency, web implications, professional support, communication abilities, extra provisions and the cost. You can always look up the features of each application or compare them with those of others to find the best suitable solution.


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