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If you are planning to give a classy treatment to your windows, there are plenty of options available now in terms of choosing blinds. Vertical blinds are available in a wide range of aesthetically appealing colors and styles. These also offer optimum privacy and protection against intense heat or cold.

It is quite natural that you get confused when confronted with an ocean of options. In this guide, we will discuss about various aspects to consider while choosing blinds to be installed at your home or office.

No#1 – Checking materials

While choosing new blinds for your home, the primary thing to consider is the material with which the blinds are made. Blinds are available in a variety of materials like vinyl, wood, faux wood, and aluminum.

  • Vinyl – This is the cheapest among all, but may last long and is highly functional. Even though it may not look as classy as wood or aluminum, you will surely get complete value for every penny spent on vinyl blinds.
  • Faux wood – These ensure both substance and weight. Made usually from composite PVC materials or wood pulp, faux wood is lightweight and also highly energy efficient. Faux wood blinds are largely waterproof and resistant to mold. Cheaper than wood, faux wood blinds are available in various colors and designs.
  • Aluminum – These metal blinds are anti-corrosive and highly durable. Reflexive aluminum blinds are not much energy efficient when compared to wood. However, these are available in every possible color and can also add greatly to the aesthetic of your interiors.
  • Wood – Wooden blinds are the priciest among all, but offers a classy touch to your interiors. Even though the colors are limited in wood, these blinds are most natural and offer extreme energy efficiency and light control.

No#2 – Control options

Along with the material, your next need is to decide over the controlling options. The modern blinds can be controlled in a variety of possible ways including remote controlling. Let’s explore the basics of it.

  • Cord & chain – This is the most traditional way of controlling the blinds. The working mechanism of this mode is so simple. The cord draws the blinds to right or left and the chain twists the blinds.
  • Rod – Some people find handing chain and cord mechanism creates a mess sometimes. Rod is an effective alternative, which is a more advanced option. One need to simply push the rod in order to twist, turn or draw the slates as you wish.
  • Motorized – The modern blinds have motorized control for which you can use remote or wall-mounted control panels to control blinds. There is also option to set timers for blind control.

No#3 – Other major things to consider

Some other major considerations while choosing blinds include;

  • Picking the right fabric –Fabrics can add a lot of decorative and functional value to your blinds. However, adding fabric to bathroom or other high moist areas may be a bad idea.
  • Cost – The price of blinds may vary based on the material, size, design, and control options. Shop around to explore the prices of different providers to choose the best one for you.
  • Maintaining blinds – Good maintenance is as important as choosing the best product. Depending on the material you choose, adequate maintenance measures needed to be taken. For example, wood requires regular dusting whereas aluminum and vinyl requires frequent in-depth purging.

With right information in hand and mindful consideration, you can pick the right type of blinds for your home and ensure its long life with proper maintenance.


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