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ClairMail introduces Fraud Solution to mobile banking

ClairMail released a new mobile fraud management solution today. The Fraud Solution will enable financial institutions to deliver real-time alerts to customers. This in turn would provide customers the option to monitor account spending and thereby identify fraudulent transactions if any.

Together, Fraud Solution system will automatically identify suspicious transactions and alert users. Users can then resolve the issue from their mobile phones. The alerts can be user-defined like setting a maximum limit to which a transaction can amount to. When transactions go beyond the set limit, text or in-app alerts will be send to user. As the base device is the mobile phone, the system seems pretty simple to set-up and implement.

ClairMail introduces Fraud Solution to mobile banking

For the past seven years,ClairMail has been processing customer transactions across a wide zone including retail banks and credit unions. With the problems of stolen credit cards and identity thefts creating havoc in online financial transactions, the Fraud Solution system seems to be credible.And, ClairMail will be able to provide the apt solution with the experience it has gained in the field.


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