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Going green is one of the biggest trends in the business world over the last two decades.  In terms of corporate social responsibility, the fields of environmental sciences and preservation have been buzzing trends, with the focus upon using green facilities, green energy, and sponsorship.  In order to both attract more business by boosting their company’s image, the following companies have become leaders in putting green practices into action within all facets of their work.

Companies Going Green: New Trends and Innovations

Corporate Responsibility:  Leaders in the Field of Going Green

You might not recognize all of the following companies, as they are operating in diverse regions of the world to address many issues that are related with environmental work.  However, their practices are known throughout the environmental industry as worthy of imitation, and ideas are certainly making a difference worldwide in the effort to reduce global warming and energy waste.

In Tanzania, the company Asilia Africa works with travel in terms of selling safari packages and accommodation within the continent of Africa.  The company gives back, though, by improving the environment of Africa where it provides these camping and lodge experiences, and brings opportunities of financial betterment to the local economies with which they partner.

Another for-profit company, the company D.Light is using solar power to change the world for the better.  Located in California, this company helps their clients who lack reliable power solutions to have better solar power help, which gives back to the community and environment in multiple ways.  This company is not alone in working in the solar-power sector while benefitting the environment:  another Californian company, Sungevity: Solar Home Specialists, is contributing to the field by designing and implementing processes within their purchasing procedures that minimize the waste of energy.  They use a revolutionary “iQuote” system that removes the need for home visits to provide assessments on the pricing of installation for their solar power panels.  Furthermore, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the solar sector because it addresses the need of residential areas for more affordable and accessible power options that are not wasting resources or energy.

In Afghanistan, the company Roshan is a leading telecommunications provider, but they give back to the environment in terms of funding for initiatives while simultaneously employing strong eco-friendly practices within their operations throughout the region.

Home Care Associates of Philadelphia is an organization that focuses on providing home care jobs to take care of those who face difficulties of disability and also senior citizens who struggle to take care of their health and well-being.  The practices of this company are environmentally-friendly in nature, as they give back to the surrounding wildlife and contribute financially to many important environmental initiatives.

Best Environmental Practices Worth Implementing

As we can see from this list of superstar companies making a difference in the eco-friendly world, there are lots of practices that should be implemented by other companies looking to make a similar impact on the environment.  First, consider using green facilities within your company’s operation department.  Even an expensive initial investment of new technologies and equipment might pay off for your company in terms of saving on energy and water bills – but what’s more, it will certainly boost your company’s public image.

Second, consider the use of greener forms of energy within your wider operations.  Do you have the ability to use wind or solar power within your work?  It will save your company money, will serve as a role-model practice for other companies to implement, and even better, it will boost your company’s public image by showing them your commitment to caring for the planet.  Another key tactic is to begin partnering with organizations to accumulate more sponsorship opportunities within the environmental sector.  Campaigns bring awareness of the public to your country, but they promote causes of being better to the environment as well, and call citizens and potential customers to action.

This is a guest post by Kate Simmons. She currently represents Common Ground, a social networking community for environmental consultants and commercial real estate professionals.


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