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For those who think of computing speed saturation, here is IBM’s fastest microprocessor in the world. The chip will be available for customers from September 10. The z196 microprocessor chip in the new version of IBM mainframe zEnterprise systems clocks at a blitzkrieg 5.2Ghz, enabling huge business work loads and transactions such as banks, retailers and so on.

World's Fastest Microprocessor IBM Z196

IBM invested more than $1.5 billion and more than three years of collaboration with IBM’s  top clients around the world to develop the new zEnterprise technology with z196 chip. The zEnterprise system is the most powerful commercial IBM system ever. The central controller z196 is a four core chip containing 1.4 billion transistors on a 512 square mm surface designed by IBM engineers in Poughkeepsie, NY with contributions from IBM labs in India, Germany and Israel and is manufactured with IBMs 45 nanometer SOI processor technology.

The improved performance is the result of IBMs  patented eDRAM technology allowing dense DRAM caches and components to be placed on the same chip.  The zEnterprise system as such contains 96 of world’s powerful microprocessors, that can execute 50 billion instructions per second. With about the same power requirement as its predecessor z10, zE196 offers 60% more capacity and has new softwares to optimize performance of heavy data work loads. The 45 nm silicon technology based design provides efficient power conservation and distribution with advanced sensors and cooling control firmware to monitor temperature and humidity levels.

The zE196 system provides the optimal environment for managing worlds most demanding workloads through its z196 chip speed, memory, system reliability, security and architecture and will start shipping to the customers by September 10.

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