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Your business is not an all-knowing being, as a result you’re going to need to take the initiative and let data inform business decisions in almost every aspect of it. Why is information so important? Well, in short, it helps you to do better business – you can’t really ever have enough data, and it changes all the time.

 But how do you ensure that your business data is accurate and complete? The best way is to go right to the source – Companies House. With a lot of, in fact all of, the information on businesses in the UK it is the number one place for all things company related.

Companies House Searches Ensuring Maximum Business Data Accuracy As the official registrar for UK businesses Companies House makes for an excellent resource, and the partnership with business search providers like Company Search Made Simple makes the information very accessible – this is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Synced – The data is synced within the cloud. This is beneficial as a business can ensure that all of their data is completely up to date. The concept of business intelligence is dependent on the latest and most accurate data – as this is where real business decisions can be made.
  • Tracked – There are live tracking options available with company search providers that mean a business can not only have the latest information at their fingertips, but they also have the ability to track changes and get live notifications. This means that if there is a change within a company being tracked it will automatically be shown.
  • Delivered – By syncing information with companies house, there is considerable speed of access. This means businesses can react to new information as soon as it’s available, and also find the information they need instantly for any UK company.

 Using a Companies House search is a fantastic way to find the things a business might need to know about a competitor. This means they can have an assessment of things like competing companies accounts and credit limits, and can more accurately judge their competitors – which ultimately means the approach to dealing with them is more effective.

Other benefits include business owners checking their own details. This yields valuable insights on how creditors view a company for example – after which action can be taken to improve this.

 Companies House is regarded as a main headquarters of company search, and syncing with providers like Company Search Made Simple has made a big impact on the capabilities of small businesses in the UK.


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