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PoltiFact has revealed the truth that the claim made by Malcolm Turnbull about the cost of NBN to be $94 billion is just a partially true. According to Labors quotations its specialized national broadband network was estimated to cost $44.1 billion exclusively. The new treaty suggests that the cost would surely double $44.1 billion and also exceed thrice the scaled down cost of the $29.5 billion version, which is to be taken to the poll by the Coalition.

Malcolm Turnbull the spokesperson said, “”We estimate that to complete the NBN according to the Labor Party’s plans will cost $94 billion dollars.” to the reporters on Monday. In case the estimated claim made by Mr. Turnbull is correct then there would be an increase in the debt by up to $50 billion even though the NBN is not visible in the budget.

As we all know the fortune and economy for the corporation building that is owned by the Government the NBN CO are usually contributed by the Government. The latest version of the corporate strategy has been estimated to $44.1 billion dollars of which $30 billion would be contributed by the Government, while the rest of the amount would be raised through some fund raiser methods. Mr. Turnbull said that in the estimated plan around three of its assumptions are over optimistic and another one looks dicey.

The source says that initially the earnings from the wholesale trade done by a single user would commence from $22 in one month and is expected to rise up to $62 by the year 2020 – 2021 once the NBN services terminates. Mr. Turnbull exclaimed that this would be a dramatic increase of around 9 percentages every year above the inflation rates.

NBN COFor decades it has been recognized that the fixed line spending capacity per person has dropped and therefore NBN CO is waiting for a huge uplift in a fantastic manner. Mr. Turnbull said,” if earnings per user climb by a more modest 3.5 per cent per year above inflation the cost of building the NBN will be $8.3 billion higher.”

The NBN CO has been wired up with every fiber connection in an average cost of $2400, which might increase with wireless and satellite connections. He also said, “The NBN Co’s finances are ”very sensitive to fiber-to-the-premises costs”. And the expenditure would be mounting to $12.9 billion dollars.

The NBN CO has described that the task is too demanding and challenging with so many missed deadlines and thus the third assumption is if it will be able to complete it by the year 2021. The strategies have planned to wire up 6100 premises in a day extraordinarily. But in case the schedule is lost track and slips then the project would be completed only by 2025. This might increase the cost to an extra rate of $14.9 billion dollars.

Therefore the parliamentary budget officer Mr. Phil Bowen has revealed that it is difficult to estimate correctly the cost of the project Coalition alternatively. But none of the senior telecommunications analyst PotiFact is ready to tell their views on record, but they still shares the doubts of Mr. Tumbull regarding assumptions of NBN CO eventually. The PolitFact has found that the claims made by Turnbull about NBN would cost $94 billion is sure “half true.”

PolitiFact finds Turnbull’s claim that Labor’s NBN would eventually cost $94 billion possible but unverifiable. It rates it “half true”.


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