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The western economies are struggling hard to tame the recession and unemployment. But still Illinois as other states are unable to find a supportive system that would relieve the global economic crisis by providing plenty of job opportunities. People who are deprived of their jobs are finding it real hard to grab better jobs though they are ready to work hard and dedicate their knowledge; it has been just an unrealistic dream. The job outlook has changed the US economy and with more advancements made every day it would surely shine and emerge with best advancements.

According to the preliminary data that was released by the Illinois Department of Employment Security this Thursday it was announced that the unemployment rate has unfortunately increased for the second consecutive month eventually. The unemployment rate was around 9.2 percentages in the month of July, which has seen a slight rise from the 9.1 percentage in the month of June. As we all should understand that the June percentage was comparatively risen from the May unemployment percentages.

Illinois UnemployedThe destructive rise in the July employment rate was a follow up from the months of April and May. But the March unemployment percentage was steady comparatively from the year 2012 by 9 percentage exclusively. The unemployment percentage is calculated according to the number of people who were either without a proper job or searching for a job. The US economy has been striving hard to create newer employment opportunities in their major cities.

The Government has ceased issuing certain work permits to non US residents in order to open newer job opportunities for the local unemployed. This is the reason for the enormous growth percentage rates in the number of jobs available in the past three months. The officials therefore said that though the unemployment rate has out rated the job growth rate it sure is a pathetic condition.

In his statement to the world the IDES Director Jay Rowell said “Three consecutive months of positive numbers underscores the deliberate pace of our economic growth.” Employment is always considered as the key ingredient for a nation’s economical growth and survival in today’s competitive world. And history has portrayed the adverse effect and impact unemployment will be having in social peace and order.

The concerned authorities said to the press on Thursday that the Government has generated non-farm jobs for around 6,600 employees from the Illinois state in the month of July. This number includes 7,100 jobs created by the private sectors and the other construction firms added a net of 1,600 positions for the benefits of the employees. But the health and the education department has disappointed the employees by terminating around 3,600 job opportunities and similarly other manufacturers around 900 employments in the month of July.

This was a strange crisis to the Illinois state because it possessed excellent manufacturers who were strongly providing various employment opportunities for the job seekers. However the state Illinois unemployment rate has always been more than the nation and this was the plight on the July month with the US unemployment percentage rate as 7.4% eventually.

Have you heard this quotation made by the famous Thomas Carlyle-?

“A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun.”


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