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A well-designed learning space in your home can adequately support active and engaging learning but it can also provide a perfect space for thinking, especially after experiencing a barrage of stimuli from your social surrounding. Creating a small organized classroom in your home might seem to be a challenging task, especially if your living space is not big enough for such a project.

However, after using a little bit of creativity and doing a careful planning, it is possible to create a nurturing and inspiring home learning space that will have a positive impact on brain function and encourage productive study habits thus leading to effective learning. Naturally, before starting this small but exciting project, it is important to ensure that your space meets all the necessary requirements for designing such a space.

Designing A Small Room For Optimal Learning

Choose the Right Room

If you are blessed with spacious home area with plenty of rooms, making up your mind which one to choose for your personal learning space will not be such a daunting task. However, if your living space is smaller, you need to think outside the box, use your ingenuity and recreate some useful and under-utilized areas in your home and make the most of them.

Make use of a spare closet for creating an inspiring place to learn. This will save a lot of valuable space and enable you to use its doors as a usable storage area. Another option is to go for furniture that serve double duty such as a table that can also function as a study area in your living room. If you have a large living room, consider separating it into two rooms and designing a small but comfortable learning space.

Invest in your Furniture

Since the process of learning can often require many hours of concentration and active work, there is nothing more important than investing in a comfortable and adjustable chair and a well-designed desk with built-in shelves and a few drawers. In order to reduce potential health risks, optimize your desk by adjusting its height and changing the position of your monitor to suit your needs. Finally, keep it neat and tidy by occasionally removing all the clutter from it, thus making it more appropriate for studying.

Create a Super-effective Storage Space

A study room should be well-organized and all the things in it should be easily accessible enabling you to move freely and find anything with ease. That is why there must be a designated area for books and stationary to be stored away. Introducing a bookshelf or a cabinet not only makes sorting through the books and files an effortless endeavor, but it also adds spark to your learning space making it more enjoyable and efficient. Since a cabinet can occupy too much space, installing a modern bookcase on your wall might be handy. You can choose from a wide variety of beautifully designed colorful or modular bookshelves or you can add even more space by installing built-in shelves.

Designing A Small Room For Optimal Learning

Bring some Light in

Another important factor that needs to be considered when making your study room is lighting. If your space lacks natural light, which is undoubtedly the best source of light that should be brought into the room, make sure you light up the room with the right choice of hanging or desk lamps which produce a soft hue that will perfectly suit your eyes without having a damaging effect on your eyesight.  If you want to create a pleasant lighting atmosphere, you might as well consider LED downlights. Their discreet and timeless design makes them easily adaptable to almost any living space and there are numerous ways they can be installed and arranged in the room.



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