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Today, cyber crimes are increasing day by day. The threats hacking threats are increasing along with the advancement of technology. Then what should we do? Should we ignore technology? That will be impossible probably. The most optimal solution would be using technology along with some safety measures. Here are some ways for protecting your device from cybercrime:


Install a reliable antivirus

Antivirus is like a good solution for fixing most of the hacking threats. Norton.com/Setup is giving you lots of features for securing your device and data from these cyber criminals. Antivirus scans your device and fixes all kinds of issues. Some features like firewall, adware protection, spyware protection give you a secure platform to work.


If not sure, ignore

Social networking sites are one of the potential mediums for these cyber crimes. Hackers send you an invitation in your social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and steal your personal information. If you want to stay away from these data stealing then DO NOT ACCEPT requests of an unknown person in your SNSs. If you are getting a request of the same person multiple times; it’s better to block that person in an account for not compromising your data security.


Strong Password

Password is common and one of the best ways for keeping hackers away. You should always use a strong password for your every account. Never use any meaningful password. You should pick a password with some random alphanumeric characters. Never use the same password for your every account. Remembering some random numbers is difficult so most of the people use the same password for every account. But this practice can be very dangerous. If a hacker gets your password then he or she can open your every account and this can cost you a lot! So always use a strong and unique password at least for your bank accounts.


Use more than one email account

Most of our accounts such as SNSs to bank accounts are linked with our email accounts. It’s vital to use the different email account for your personal and professional work. You should use a different account for your different bank accounts for safety purposes.


Don’t click on pop-ups

Spyware and adware can steal our data. Whenever we browse anything; next time you will see many ads and pop-ups related to your browsing history. Most of the pop-ups are not harmful but they can contain malicious data in them. When you click the pop-up; malware such as spybots gets installed in your device which steals your personal data.


 Two-step verification

This is one of the best ways of protecting yourself from any kind of cybercrime. Set two-step verification in your accounts like in your SNSs, bank accounts. Whenever anyone tries to log in your account from a new device; he or she will have to enter the password along with a verification code. This code will be sent to your registered phone number. So, if a hacker steals your password, he can’t open your account with OTP and your data will not be compromised.


Shop from secure websites

Before entering your credit/debit card details; make sure you are shopping from a secure website. Many fake websites can steal your credit card details and then you have to face a huge loss.

Just because of cyber crimes; you can’t stop net surfing, doing online payments or working online. Prevention is always better than cure so you have to take all possible security measures for protecting your data from these hackers.


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