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It is not that long ago when SEO became the giant of every field, necessary for an organization’s strong online presence. Go through business blogs, you will find that the importance of Search engine optimization is almost now very well understood by the majority of the businesses. However, a recent trend in the SEO world that has caught the attention of many is Amazon’s attempts to take over SEO. While previously business would only have to care about optimizing their SEO, keeping google into consideration, now some extra effort needs to be put in. Now, every professional and SEO expert can be heard advising the business to optimize their SEO practices in accordance with Google as well as Amazon.

Amazon is one of the most reputed global online one-stop store that has been serving people for decades. Here is the chart that shows the results of an online survey in which the public’s preference for Amazon over any other online forum for online shopping can be clearly seen.

Throughout the eras, different trends and services became the talk of the town attached to this big name. Currently, it is the importance of SEO services for the Amazon businesses that are creating all the buzz. Business managers are well aware of the fact that the majority of customers open Amazon directly rather than searching for the specific products on Google. While they may just type a simple product’s name in the search bar irrespective of the site, it is important to know that Amazon’s SEO has its own perks with unique ways it is done. This difference is what makes SEO on Amazon a real gem for your business’s growth.

Here are some factors that will explain the importance of SEO for your Amazon business in current times.

People search differently on Amazon vs Google

If I ask you about how you search on google about anything you are most likely to simply say one of two generic keywords that you would put in the search box and that’s all. However, this is not at all the case with searching on Amazon. People are very likely to add precisely descriptive and unique statements over there for search purposes. The search queries at the Amazon ought to be a little longer and detailed as compared to those over google or other search engines for that matter. According to Relevance, the queries at Amazon are sometimes directly copied phrases from the other websites. This preciseness and details in search queries on Amazon can allude to the fact that people mostly search for a very specific product from a generic category and that they do not want the result to be irrelevant. Due to this careful adding of commands of your customers, you need to be very clever with SEO tools while placing your product on the Amazon seller central.

Shopping thorough Web is the new cool

Gone are the days when people would get their feet swollen in search of their desired items in the markets. Now everything is done through the fingertips while sitting at the comfort of home and so is the case with shopping. According to a statistical study, e-commerce sales will reach up to approximately $4878 US billions by 2021. With more and more people shifting their focus towards virtual shopping, Amazon is becoming the largest selling hub due to its trust-worthy services over the years. Thousands of sellers are selling the same product through Amazon, but the customers are only likely to consider those that come to the forefront in search results. If not SEO optimized carefully, your products are not likely to appear first in the relevant searches. The results will disappoint you in the long run, no matter how reputed it is in the market, your business will never be able to succeed online. This preciseness demanded by SEO on Amazon explains why is there such hype created about the companies that offer Amazon SEO.

People are almost always short of time

If you ponder over this, can you recall the number of times you have gone to the search results page 3 and onwards after searching for anything in your entire life? You answer must be “Merely, a few”. This is the case with everyone in the fast-paced life. When someone is searching for their desired product on Amazon, they will rarely go as far as the second or third page of their search results on Amazon and will probably choose one that is being shown at the very top. The Amazon’s ranking algorithm’s working is not an easy deal to understand, but it must be noted that it ranks products in such a way that better SEO optimization is likely to get your product to the forefront and get your more customers. On the contrary, there are solid chances of your product not even being seen by anyone if it is not SEO optimized because it will appear at the very end of the relevant search results. Therefore, proper SEO optimization of your business can be the only way to grow your sales through Amazon and get successful.

Amazon is the future

Every online business expert I have ever met agrees that Amazon is the most powerful online business tycoon right now, and this strength is only going to intensify further in the future. With the world going totally virtual and our everyday tasks becoming more and more web-based, the platform as reputed and extensive as Amazon is actually going to become the most important one in some years. If you optimize your business on Amazon today, your global customers’ base is more likely to increase. There are very high chances for your business to create a worldwide impact and become an international name in the future if your presence on Amazon is revered today.

These and many other benefits make it look like a folly for any business not to ensure an online SEO presence on the Amazon. Once noticed by the customers, proper SEO optimization can take your business to places you would never have imagined of.


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