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Even if hard disks are the most resistant parts of a computer, the Hard Drive Recovery feature must be installed. Hard disks can be of many types, and the recovery process can be made even if the hard disc was almost destroyed. For this, you will need a solid and reliable hard disk recovery tool. Don’t worry, as you will have many options of this type.

There are many types of hard disks, each one with its own characteristics and advantages. Each one is suited for a type of recovery, and you will need a certain kind of program to recover your details whenever those are lost. Hard disks are the most resistant parts of a computer. Besides the fact that they could suffer severe shocks and still be functional, they also resist longer even in conditions of extensive usage.

How does it work?

A HDD works by writing and reading data. The user asks information from the hard disk; the OS accesses the MFT (Master File Table), an index with files and their locations, and the hard disk controller to find the cluster where the information is stored. A cluster represents a collection of sectors grouped together by the files system to simplify all the things. The OS tells the hard disk with the help of this controller that it needs a file, the logical boards will action the engine, rotating the HD.

The reader will find the respective portions of the disk, and the information is sent there to the RAM memory to the exit devices. The process of wiring is the opposite one, with the exception that, instead of accessing the MFT, the computer accesses File Table to find a free place to put the new information.

What are the components of a Hard Disk?

A basic component is the engine, which is used to spin the boards where the data is written. The rotations are precisely determined, working at speeds of 7200, 10 000 rotations or even more (the number of rotations determines the performances of the HDD). For a laptop, the rotation speed is of 4200-5400 RPM. The data is stored on the clusters of the disk, and in case you need recovery, this is where you must start from.

Windows operating system has some pretty good recovery tools that are provided by default by Microsoft, but the majority of hard disk users prefer to buy specialized programs. With those programs, it is possible to recover data that you deleted accidentally, but you can also recover details in case your hard disk is physically damaged.

If you want to feel safe all the time, you will have to set up Windows to create automatic data restore points. You can set up the program to create a new point whenever you install or delete a program, but you can also make those points automatically, once a day. The backup I made only when the computer is turned on, so if you set it at 3 AM in the morning, when you don’t have the computer turned on, the backup files won’t be created.



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