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The popularity of Muay Thai has spread all over the world and even on the online realm and for good reasons. It teaches people how they can use the various parts of their body and turn it into a weapon. It is also an effective self-defense for long, middle and close range combat. It is the best way to condition your body and to be physically fit. Simply for this reason, a lot of training camp all over Thailand is offering this combat sport.

Things You Need to Consider When Looking for Muay Thai Gym Online

In case you live overseas and you are looking for Thai gyms on the internet here are some of the factors that you need to look into.


When you are checking for the training camp online, you need to make sure that they are offering the real Muay Thai. Check for the different reviews of their past students on the internet, you should also check their official website. An authentic Muay Thai will basically include clinch, kicks, punches and other offense and defense move that use our knees and elbows.


When you are looking for a Muay Thai training camp online, you should also consider the experience of the trainer. Preferably, they should have at least 10 years of experience. Having a few experiences in a smoker fight does not define the Kru. Check their years of operation on their website. Beware of the gyms that will immediately shutdown after taking your money.

Ideal for Beginners

You should make sure that the training camp is providing a beginner’s lesson. They should also have the means to provide an intermediate and advanced lesson. It is not ideal if they introduce you to the ring together with the seasoned fighters. There are seasoned fighters who are looking for the new guy that they can toy with. In case the gym in Thailand only offers a fight team class, move on and find a new gym.

A Structured Training Curriculum

A good Muay Thai program should include an intensive curriculum. It should include specialized training method, combination, and drills. A structured curriculum will help you analyze if they are suitable for your skills and progression. The camp should assist you in setting your realistic goals. In case all they do is to instruct you to complete your push up, crunches, skip rope and run and then they will use you as their punching bag for more than one hour, then it would be good to look for a new gym. In most cases, the curriculum can be found online on their official website.


Their members, instructors, and staff should be friendly with the new members. Upon walking at the door, you should feel instantly welcome. They should be dedicated in helping you reach your goals. You should also stay away from the camp that are just too eager to get their hands on your money but will not teach you anything about the sports.

These are just some of the factors that you will need to think about when you are looking for a camp online. It will guarantee you that you will be training in the hands of an expert trainer. Suwit Muay Thai package is a good choice for you. If you want an additional help about the Muay Thai in Thailand, there are different online resources that you can use.


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