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Video games have been favorite among the masses for decades. Every generation has had its own fair share of video games. While some of them have been timeless like Mario Cart, others have faded with time, like Pokemon Go.

Currently, millennial constitute a significant portion of the gaming community. In the US alone, 56 percent of gamer are millennial. In 2017, 46 percent of millennial spent at least $5 on mobile games. So much so is the popularity of games among millennial that various recruiters are incorporating games in their recruitment process to keep millennial engaged, as well as to best gauge their skills.

Here are some of the games that millennial love to play.

Word Finder

One of the most popular games among millennial is Word Finder. It is as simple as it sounds. You are given with a list of words that you have to find in the list as quickly as you can. The game is available on Unlimited Gamez Mo.

Unlimited Gamez Mo is an online gaming platform that is home to hundreds of different games. The games are divided according to different categories. This includes adventure, brain teasers, role-playing, shooting, etc. To play the many games available, the user has to pay a minimal subscription fee. Considering the sheer number of options delivered upon paying the amount, one can say that the price is not much.

Word Finder is a hit among millennial because it acts as the perfect brain teaser. There is no competition except having to beat your own score. Yet, many find themselves addicted to the game. It is quite a simple game with a straightforward interface. Some might even think that simplicity and no-frills is what makes it a success. Regardless of why millennial like brain teasers and problem-solving games, the fact is that they do and Word Finder is a perfect representation of it.

The Sims

One game that many millennial can’t seem to get enough of is The Sims. Launched back in 2000, the game is still going strong after approximately two decades. Different versions and expansion packs of the game are continuously released to improve the game and keep people engaged.

For those who are unaware of how it works, The Sims allows you to live a whole virtual life. From getting a job to raising your kids in a house that you decorate, The Sims has it all. The game might not sound fun when explained, but many millennials will agree that once you begin playing it, there is no turning back. There are various ways you can approach the different hurdles and storylines that come your way. And when you become invested in it, you don’t even realize where the time goes by. Whether it be because of nostalgia or the sheer excellence of the gameplay, The Sims has managed to be a favorite among the many millennials for years.

The FIFA series

Who doesn’t love football? Even if some people don’t like watching it, the chances are most millennials have played the game growing up and continue to do so even today. The power and popularity of FIFA video games are such that many now first think of the game first and the actual sport later when the name is uttered.

Online players of FIFA alone are around 260 million! Every year, Electronic Year releases a new version of the game. Each version features improvements in terms of graphics as well as includes the latest players and other changes. The game is available to be played on consoles and PC alike.

Backyard Sports

When it comes to sports, another game that many millennials played back in the day, and some even hold on to it today is Backyard Sports series. This includes Soccer, Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball. Rather than merely allowing you to assume the role of professional players, what set Backyard Sports series apart was its memorable fictional characters. Pete Wheeler, Pablo Sanchez, and Kenny Kawaguchi are forever etched in the minds of the 90’s kids.

Another feature that most gamers love about Backyard Sports is its commentary. Some of the one-liners uttered by the various co-hosts, including Earl Grey and Vinnie the Gooch, were savage and memorable all at the same time.


The Wrestling industry might still be thriving today. There are several avid fans of the game. However, nothing comes close to the craze WWE received during its peak era in the ’90s and early 2000s. Between The Rock and The Undertaker, WWE was a phenomenon.

Many millennials also found themselves investing in the WWE games. The video games, available on PC, consoles and mobile devices, are still popular among the masses. The video game features the same essence of the actual game. It has proper storylines, entries and fights move of the various players. This makes the look and seems very realistic, which is still appreciated by millennials.

Mario Kart

Released in 1992, Mario Kart is a Nintendo Game that has been ruling the gaming industry for decades. This go-kart style racing game is simple, fun, and addictive. This is precisely the combination that all generations love in a game, millennial included. While the game was initially available only on PC, now a smartphone version has also been released. The graphics might have changed, but the essence of each version remains the same. It is still as ridiculous as it once was, which is what makes Mario Kart so endearing and worth playing repeatedly.


There are various other games that millennials love to play. One common feature in each of these games is that they all were either developed years ago or have aspects that remind the generation of the olden days. In a world full of Fortnite and PUBG, these nostalgic android games continue to be chosen by millennials. After all, it is the perfect way to go down memory lane!



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