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Corporate team building events and away days are great fun and can have a hugely positive impact on your business. There are all kinds of events out there which can be tailored to fit your brief, so that you can build on specific set of skills and get your team working more closely.

Indoor Team Building Events

If you want team building activities in your office for a day, or for an evening after work, then there are plenty of brilliant indoor event ideas. When you first start working with the events company of your choice, you will give them a brief of exactly what you hope to achieve from the day. This might be skills such as getting your team working to deadlines better, communicating more effectively, or rising to new challenges.

Once you know exactly what you want to take away from the day, the events company can draw up a shortlist of activity ideas which will foster these skills. Events companies in London can offer indoor events of all descriptions to choose from, whether it’s musical events, or more technical tasks such as animation workshops.

Other popular team building events include activities like beating a Guinness World Record together, making puppets, and even getting your team to work as a production company on making a short film together. These activities can be brilliant for fostering imagination and inspiring your staff, so that they come up with creative solutions to anything they are faced with at work.

Outdoor Team Building Events

Outdoor team building events offer plenty of adventure opportunities for your staff. The best events companies will have a host of games to choose from, which they have designed themselves in order to bring out specific qualities in your team.

Activities include everything from wacky races to a London taxi challenge for those wanting an event in the capital. Fans of the popular TV show will enjoy ‘The Apprentice’, and those who don’t mind getting a bit wet will enjoy the Thames powerboat adventure.

These activities can be short, of an hour or two, or take up your whole day. Getting your staff out and about is great for building morale. Your staff can get to know each other properly as they engage in fun activities and push themselves. If you want something a bit silly, then activities like Dino Dash is brilliant for communication and teaching staff to delegate. At the same time the memories, experiences and photos you take away from activities like this keep everyone smiling for weeks.

There is so much to be gained from corporate events like these that it is well worth sitting down with an events company to see what they can do for you.


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