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Many young men and women are graduating from college looking for their first job. They want to get into something that will not only help them to mature into the adult world, but will also provide them with an employment experience that will be meaningful to them on all levels.

It is not enough to just get a job. A person who really wants to get off on the right foot is looking for an employment opportunity where they can progress professionally, while also improving their skills. Plus, they want to feel like they are valued. Feeling like you belong is very important to many young men and women, and when an employer shows that they value their employees, it is much more likely that they will remain loyal to the company or the organization.

The Challenges of Finding Great Jobs in the Public Sectors

Great Jobs In The Indian Government That Many Do Not Know About

When a person graduates from college or a university they will find that there are hundreds, if not thousands of agencies that will help them find employment in the private sector. These agencies work with thousands of companies all over the country of India and know what positions are available and where are the best jobs to find. They are paid to match graduates with these companies and are quite skilled in helping both parties.

However, the same is not true for public jobs. Positions that are available in the government, no matter what level you are talking about, rarely are vetted by these HR companies. They do not focus on them because they do not get the same kind of reward for matching great employees with the right position. Therefore, they don’t help the graduate look for great public sector jobs.

There Are Great Positions Out There

What this means is that graduates are steered toward private sector jobs ahead of ones in the public sector because that best benefits the HR company. It is a sad fact, but the total reality of what is occurring. This denies these young men and women the opportunity to find a job in a Govt department of agency where they will be valued not only by the agency but by the thousands of people that they may help each and every week.

There are great jobs out there in the public sector included in areas such as:
Railway Jobs – India has one of the largest railway systems in the entire world, and employs over 1.5 million people to work. With retirements and expansion, there are a great many positions available even if you do not have any skills in the railway industry.

The Medical Sector – government jobs in the medical field are numerous. Not only are they looking for nurses, doctors, lab techs, and aids, but microbiologists, clerks, IT people, and many other positions are needed.

Tourism – India draws tens of millions of people to the country each year, meaning that there is a huge need in the hotel, lodge, restaurant, and site seeing industry. Those who can speak other languages are especially desirable and likely to find great positions.

Mining and Energy – the zinc industry in India is growing rapidly, as is the atomic energy development. This means that high tech jobs as well as more blue collar positions are out there. All of these provide great opportunities.

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