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How Decision Science and Mentoring Skills Can Change Lives

Annie Duke is a celebrated name in the field of poker and she has ruled the arena for over two decades. Besides this, Annie Duke has another winning credential to her name now. She is an inspiring mentor and speaker now teaching corporate giants on how to successful achieve better progress and growth for their development and progress. Besides corporate training to employees, she is also mentoring people on how to enhance the quality of their lives with the power of Decision Science.

Annie Duke has a very strong background in the field of cognitive psychology. As a student she began playing the game for fun. After her brother, professional in the field and chess player himself encouraged her to take up the game professionally, she went on to win tournament after tournament incorporating the philosophy of Decision Science. This philosophy helps you to understand the psyche of people and with it you can land up with win-win deals and negotiations.

The sales of an organization will improve, decision making becomes more accurate with a high degree of emotional balance and family life conflicts and differences can be resolved without bitterness. In short, Decision Science can be applied to all areas of our live and impact it in a positive manner. The skills of strategic decision making are developed and the success quotient in life increases.

It is important for everyone to make crucial decisions in life. At the same time, we become emotionally inclined to make some decisions that may not work out fine for us. With the aid of Decision Science, you receive the skills to analyze whether the outcome of this decision has a negative or positive impact upon you.  You tend to erase the emotional imbalances that are faced while making decisions in the boardroom or personal life. Relationships are healthier and more improved.

The Decision Science philosophies have made people aware of their thoughts and actions. They are helping organizations have better negotiations with their clients. The performance of sales teams are also improving. The administrative and managerial team in the boardroom is able to make better decisions. In short, the productivity of a person improves. It also boosts self esteem as when performance improves accolades are earned and this goes a very long way for development and progress.

Annie Duke is regularly invited to address and mentor sales teams at organizations. She is an inspirational orator and educates the audience she addresses on specific issues. She highlights the challenges faced and gives the audience simple and easy techniques via which they are able to overcome them. In this manner, success is inevitable.

Annie is well -respected in her new role and those who have attended her workshops and training sessions have witnessed a vast improvement in their lives. Even the employees of organizations have reported better productivity and performance at work. Annie is regularly invited to speak on the philosophy of Decision Science and how it has the positive ability to bring in blissfully win-win-situations in life!


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