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There is no question that out of all the mobile devices currently available, the iPad manufactured by Apple is one of the most popular anywhere in the world. However, despite the phenomenal success of this device, which people use to browse online and play games, it has still not replaced the PC when it comes to playing casino games in places where virtual gaming is particularly popular, such as Australia. In fact, there are tremendous advantages to ditching the online casino and switching to the iPad one, for those willing to make the change.

To start with you will no longer have to hang about in frustration waiting for your PC to boot up – something which can try the patience of a saint at times! Let’s face it, most of us lead busy lives and have to fit our games of poker or other casino games into spare moments, meaning that the instantaneous start-up provided by the iPad is a lot less hassle.

Next there is the all-important issue of convenience, where again the PC generally loses out to the iPad hands down. Granted laptops are reasonably portable, but they hardly compare to the iPad, which can slip into your pocket to be taken anywhere. This means easy and rapid access to whatever casino game you fancy from any location where there is network coverage or WiFi.

Another point to consider is that of security – which is obviously a pretty major concern for anyone taking part in virtual gaming of any kind. What many people do not realise is that the iPad is actually more secure to use than a PC is because, with it being a system which is only able to download Apple-approved apps, this ensures that the system is much less likely to fall prey to a virus or a hacker than a PC is. Given that your personal details and money will be involved, this represents a pretty major advantage to using iPad casinos.

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