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E-commerce has transformed the traditional business approach to a whole new level. It has taken brick-and-mortar shops that once served only a limited number of customers a day, to a virtual platform that can take on innumerable customers from all around the world. With e-commerce now the leading business model in the world, every brand seeks to establish an online store and start generating revenues. However, sales do not happen just because a brand owner wishes to. It demands a considerable effort to improve the sales figures and may not be the same for every business. Webmasters spend years building new sales strategies, deploy different marketing techniques and use a number of tools and extensions to reach new milestones in their e-commerce journey. Since e-commerce business heavily relies on speed, user experience, and durability of the e-commerce platform they choose, having a reliable shopping cart could mean the difference of achieving your business goals and reaching growth or ruining your brand image and spiraling into a costly catastrophe.

Magento and Why the Merchants Recommend It

To get the best of e-commerce, we recommend Magento, a powerful e-commerce platform that powers over 4% of the global e-commerce market. That’s more than 250,000 businesses around the world. It also accounts for over $26 billion in transactions. Its rapidly growing platform and has some of the world’s biggest corporate and conglomerates using it. But simply owning a Magento store is not enough to achieve your business goals and establish a competitive edge in the market. To take it to the heights of e-commerce excellence, you must the right tools to efficiently market your products, generate exposure and engage customers. in this article, we take the opportunity of sharing 4 amazing Magento extensions to help you improve your visual outlook and generate more conversions for your online store.

Product Attachments for Explaining Your Products Better

Every online store has certain products that demand special attention to market them. Such products require additional content to help the customer understand their functionality, capacity, or safety precautions for optimal usage. However, with the stock Magento store, there are limitations that prevent merchants to add additional documents with their products. To overcome this, you can install Magento 2 Product attachments extension that allows merchants to attach files of multiple formats to their products and enable download option so customers can save them and view them without being forced to stay on the page. You can attach tutorials, product guide, manuals, policies, warranties, and important information easily with the product. Formats include DOC, XLS, PDF, or any other file types. You can also add custom icons, set download limit, restrict files by store-views and customer groups, and show them on a dedicated downloadable content page.

Copy Categories for Saving Time and Effort

When you are selling products that require similar categorization and content, it becomes awfully annoying to create similar categories and start scratch. Fortunately, there are extensions designed specifically to solve this problem for merchants. With Magento 2 duplicate category extension, you don’t need to create a category from start, you can simply duplicate an existing category and create multiple copies of it. This way you not only save your efforts but the invaluable time you otherwise would have spent on creating categories separately. Once you have created the new category, you can make changes according to your preferences, make subcategories, change attributes, and add category rules.

Media Gallery & Product Video for Gaining Better Exposure on Products

You may have read about it before that human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than textual content. Moreover, it tends to retain it for a far longer period as well. Leveraging from visual content is the best thing you can do for your online store. Without properly image optimized product pages and category pages, you cannot get the better of the customers’ attention and engage them. Poor engagement translates to bad conversion rate, and bad conversion rate means a shortfall in sales. In order to effectively showcase your product images and videos, organize them in albums and configure their layout options, you can install Media Gallery and Photo Video extension. This Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension comes loaded with features to help you easily add images, configure thumbnail size, and show them on features media slider to get better exposure on your content.

Product Labels & Stickers for Enticing Customers 

Webmasters often face the problem of sales stagnation when their recently launched products stop getting traffic and lose engagement on their product pages. While adding images and videos is a great practice to solve this, giving your visual content points of attraction is what really matters in online marketing. One of the fastest means of solving this is by installing Magento 2 product label extensions. This extension allows you to add and customize attractive discount labels on your product images and display different types of promotions and sale offers. You can add discounts, year-end sales, giveaways, coupons codes, and other forms of attractive information that encourages customers to purchase from your store. You can personalize different types of labels and display them on the product page, category pages of your store. You can also create a dedicated page to showcase all your product labels and stickers.



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