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Companies Offering Phones for Free

Cell phones are becoming a must-have in the modern society. Unfortunately, the high cost of acquiring one remains an obstacle. Well, most people are left with the common question, where can I get a free phone? Apart from the cost of acquiring the cell phone, using them involves paying for various services and upgrades, which can be costly, especially to low-income earners.

There are a number of ways to get a free cell phone. You can ask for one from your mobile carrier, get a free phone from your employer, get a cell phone for free from the government or as well ask friends and family to help you purchase one. Outlined below are some of the lifeline companies that provide cell phones for free.

10 Best Companies That Provide Free Cell Phones

1.     American Assistance

Also known as American Broadband and Telecommunication, this firm offers free cell phones and smartphones to eligible candidates. It services clients in various regions, including Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, West Virginia, and Rhode Island. Apart from the free phones, customers also get free texts and 500 minutes in their phone plans. The only downside is that it doesn’t offer internet to its users.

2.     Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless offers its customers free phones with 300 minutes calls for free. Unlike American Assistance, the company also provides 500MB free internet data and unlimited texts. Assurance Wireless services residents of Michigan, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Alabama, Massachusetts, Idaho, Tennessee, and Columbia. Internet coverage in these areas is excellent with an option of upgrading to compatible Assurance Wireless phones.

3.     Infiniti Mobile

Infiniti Mobile is another well-reputed company that services subscribers of Lifeline programs in various states. Among the states with excellent reception, include South Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Vermont. Those eligible for lifeline services provided by the company can access free government phones, up to 750 minutes of talk time, unlimited text messaging and countrywide roaming coverage.

Indian Americans who qualify for the company’s services benefit from 2GB data and up to 1000 talk time minutes. There is also an unlimited text messaging bundle that if exclusive for Indian Americans. Those who need extra call minutes and data will have to purchase with additional charges.

4.     DartPhone

smartphone is another perfect answer to those who are still wondering where can I get a free phone? This is another government-sponsored company that operates in Oklahoma states. smartphone offers various packages for its prepaid wireless service subscribers. Clients can enjoy various discounted plans that save a lot of money once subscribed to the government lifeline services.

The company provides free phones with 2GB internet data, unlimited texts, and talk time. However, the plans are not completely free but very affordable, averaging at approximately $5 monthly.

5.     Assist Wireless

Residents of Oklahoma, Minnesota, Maryland, Arkansas, and Missouri will find the Assist Wireless a perfect answer to this common question – where can I get a free phone? Like other companies outlined, this firm offers lifeline cell and smartphones with different plans. A prerequisite for qualifying for these services is that one should be registered with the federal program.

The plans from Assist Wireless are available dependently on the state of issuance. For instance, Missouri, Maryland, Arkansas, and Minnesota residents enjoy 500 minutes talk time bundle, text messaging and 1GB data bundle beside the free phone.

6.     Qlink Wireless

Qlink Wireless offers provides some of the best smartphones that have an additional 500 unlimited texts and call minutes to their subscribers. Qlink is widely used in Vermont, Oklahoma, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, and Ohio. Customers who refer friends get 100 minutes bonus free minutes. There are also various Qlink Wireless phone upgrades for those willing to advance with their services.

7.     SafeLink

SafeLink is yet another well-established company offering free phones in more than 40 states. It has been voted the best and longest-serving company due to many reasons. Apart from the wide array of free phones that the company provides, it offers a plethora of communication services in their packages. For example, users get to enjoy messaging services, talk time, and data. However, you will need to compare the various packages before deciding on one that augers well with your free smartphone and intended use.

8.     TelAlaska

TelAlaska is another good company offering free phones to residents of different states. Plans provided by the company include the beyond plans, local plans, student and lifeline pan-regional plans. Communication services from TelAlaska include free countrywide unlimited messaging, voice, and talk time plans.

9.     Blue Jay Wireless

Subscribers of lifeline services get to enjoy free cell phones from many companies, Blue Jay Wireless included. Mobile plans from Blue Jay Wireless are accompanied with 500 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages. California residents enjoy free text messages and talk time as well. Those who love browsing the internet will have to part with $26 for 5GB of data. Blue Jay Wireless services states such as Arizona, Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Carolina, Colorado, Minnesota, and Rhode Island.

10.    Easy Wireless

If you live in the states of Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Missouri, you shouldn’t worry much about getting a free phone. Those eligible for the federal lifeline services can get a free cell and smartphone from Easy Wireless. The additional plans that come with these phones differ with the state.

For instance, Missouri and Kentucky residents enjoy up to 25MB internet data, free calls, and up to 250 texts. Oklahoma and non-tribal users, on the other hand, have access to 2250 minutes, 50MB data, and unlimited texts. Different tribal subscribers enjoy other varying plans.

The Bottom Line

If you are still stuck with the question “Where can I get a free phone?” this guide hopefully outlines the various means of getting one. Mobile phones are currently essential, not only for making calls but also provides other services. Mobile carriers and companies attached to lifeline services offer various free phones ranging from the basic flip phones for seniors, camera phones, and high-end smartphones. Knowing beforehand what you need before choosing a phone and plan to use is prudent.


Companies Offering Phones for Free

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