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Infographics or information graphics are visual representations, in graphic form, of information, data or knowledge. It helps simplify the presentation of these items specially those which are very complex. The presentation is quicker and clearer than that of written descriptions or explanations. The use of graphical representations help readers or viewers see patterns, trends and overview. Infographics are visualization of data or design or architecture of information.

There are two main ways how and reasons why infographics help boost your website’s incoming traffic and they are attractiveness and its higher potential to be shared more than written texts. Infographics is attractive because it is easy to understand, easy to recall and has the potential to entertain. Because they are attractive and fun, information graphics have the very high potential of being shared by its audience to more audience. Its ability to be shared increases the number of links pointing towards it and the website in which it is used.

How Infographics Help Increase Traffic to Your Website


Infographics are attractive to internet users. It appeals to the whole online audience because it can get the attention of both readers and non-readers alike. It does so because it is easier to understand, easier to recall and has the potential to entertain.

Easy to Understand

The online audience is composed of readers and non-readers. As their names imply, readers are internet audience who love to read written text or content and non-readers are online users who do not read much and prefer viewing images, especially infographics. Both these two groups appreciate the information, data or knowledge they get from the graphics.

Easy to Recall

Because it is easy to understand, it is also easy to recall. And because of these two characteristics, your content or page will be loved by the audience. It is useful and helpful for them because they will be able to digest into their minds the data from your infographics. Users will find your page a very convenient reference material for their studies or work.

Potential to Entertain

Infographics are attractive, easy to understand and easy to recall because they are produced with much creativity and imagination. You are making a visual aid and doing so means that you aim to use the best means possible. Putting in fun makes the task of preparing the graphics fun and you are also making it fun so that your audience will enjoy using it.

Expand Reach

Because infographics are attractive, users will want to share them to their friends. They want to share the information, fun and the wit being used in the graphics. This sharing expands the reach of specific pages of your website and the site itself as a whole.

Easy to Share

Internet visitors find information graphics nice to share because they know that the people they will share them with will appreciate. This is especially so compared to written content which should be given time and effort to be read and understood first before people will give it a “like” or a “+1” and most people do not have the time or would not want to give the effort.

Fun to Share

In addition to being easy to share, the graphics are also fun to show to others. With this visual aid’s characteristic of being flexible for creative, imaginative and fun presentations, its users or viewers will find it fun to share to others. On top of the easily read and understood presentation, the element of fun concepts will double the times your graphics will be shared.

Inbound Links

And because your infographics is helpful and a lot of fun and will be shared by many viewers to others, specific webpages in which you feature them will receive many inbound links. Many users will point to your website and the result can be a domino or ripple effect.

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