How Smartphones Have Changed How We Do Business With One Another.Posted by On

Technology has skyrocketed lately and the rapid increase in smartphone usage is one of the most obvious indicators. Smartphones aren’t just being used for personal tasks, though, as more and more businesses turn to the handheld devices to streamline their company. Here are a few ways that smartphones and mobile devices have revolutionized small businesses:

Quicker Customer Service

How Smartphones Have Changed How We Do Business With One Another.

Since email was invented it has completely changed the game for customer service—you didn’t have to drop everything you were doing to answer the phone (you could just read the email later), you didn’t have to worry if something you said was heard or interpreted incorrectly. Smartphones are now making it easier than ever to check and respond to emails from anywhere.

Social Media Presence Awareness

The rise of Facebook and Twitter could be the most important event to happen for businesses in the last decade. Never before was there a way to find out what customers were saying about your business exactly when they were saying it.
With smartphones, business owners are able to keep up with this information anytime, from anywhere. If a customer sends out a tweet that talks about a great experience they had at your business, retweeting it and engaging your customers can happen in real time. On the other hand, if someone leaves a critical comment on your Facebook page you don’t have to wait until the next morning before you see it—you can respond instantly and avoid any backlash from other customers.

Mobile Business Applications

Smartphones allow users to download apps and instantly start using them. To the average user this probably includes Facebook and Angry Birds, but there are thousands of apps for business owners that can make their day-to-day activities run quicker and smoother.
If you need access to market data in real time, if you need tools to help you organize your daily routine, or you need to keep your finances in order and have access to them from anywhere you will be able to find all the tools you need on your smartphone.

More Features For Customers

Smartphones also allow businesses to create their own apps which can be an extremely positive feature for customers. The site, for example, could create a smartphone app that would allow their customers to check their application details on-the-go or be notified when their next payment is due with an automated reminder. My research shows that the sister site – already has such an appplication available on both android and iphones.


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