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When purchasing a cell phone on Craigslist or else eBay, for instance, you might consider that you’re receiving a great deal on an otherwise heavy purchase. For some persons these sales are legal in addition to the buyer would come out on top. In other situations the buyer is cheated since the phone has been highlighted with a bad ESN number. Bad ESNs could mean that the phone has a criminal account balance or else that the phone is stolen. Don’t waste your time or else money on phones with bad ESN number. Check them out beforehand you buy.


Contact the retailer that you are trying to purchase your phone from and ask him to offer proof that the ESN has not been barred by the service provider. This must be a validation sheet from your service provider. For instance, if you’re purchasing a phone to use on the Verizon network, your seller could provide you with a Verizon confirmation sheet dated the day you are buying the phone.

Ask the retailer to send you the ESN number thus you can confirm that the cell phone is clean. Go the Reference section of this article to acquire your service provider’s hotline number. Call your service provider as well as ask it to check the ESN by ESN checker of the mobile phone you are trying to purchase. The representative would tell you if it is on a blacklist.

Go over a third party to check IMEI number. There are web sites and IMEI checker that will check ESNs for a slight fee or else for free. Check the Resources links to find numerous companies that would check the ESN number by IMEI lookup or IMEI search for you against the blacklist of all service providers.

If you plan on altering your service provider in the nearby future, furthermore check with that service provider to make certain that the ESN is not blacklisted on its net.

“Bad ESN” has to do with CDMA phones. While a phone is sent in with a bad ESN as well as adjusted and sent back to the client, numerous a times the client is confused as to what that means as well as why their phone was considerably downgraded. A bad ESN phone could mean one of two things. The first is that the cell phone has been reported Lost or Stolen. Please be conscious that if you are trying to sell stolen stuffs we will catch it plus have nothing to do with such stuffs. A Bad ESN can furthermore mean that the phone is still lively on an account and so cannot be revitalized on another account. This account might also be delinquent which means that though the phone has been deactivated, there is a balance on the account as well as therefore the carrier, for example Sprint or else Verizon, has locked the cell phone until the balance has been paid off.

Recall, it is always better to be safe than sorry as well as we strongly advise you check these items previous to buying a phone.


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