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As technology becomes more evolved with every single day, the trends that were yesterday novel seem to be today extinct. This can be seen in a simple drive on the highway. You may have noticed the advertising has taken a new shift as metal towers display colorful signs that will get your attention no matter what. This display controlled by a remote control is possible with the help of a DVI extender. It is clear that it is not in your advantage to be far from the display, but in many cases the control station is really far from the digital sign. The remote connectivity is given with the help of these extenders.

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Common Features

Even if some digital signage is not that far away from the unit which controls it, it is not something unusual to ask for this. In the case of hospitals the displays need to be away from any MRI or x-ray devices. In food or pharmaceutics factories, there is often a room that has almost no equipment or human presence. The monitors are usually outside so the technicians have to remotely conduct the entire process. The usage of the DVI extender is recommended in these situations. The extenders can either be through fiber optic or CAT5. The usage of cable is really cheap and it is great for transmitting video from PC to monitor. The quality of the signer is higher than in other cases. Actually the good thing is that the signal is able to be displays on multiple monitors. This type of extender comes with 2 or 4 ports.

Clients And Beneficiaries

Generally the ones who benefit from this technology are the investment companies. The extenders will let the broadcast the things that they want on a large number of remote monitors. The resolution supported varies according to the distances. At 200 feet the resolution is 1024×768 and at 100 feet it is 1600×1200. The distance can be longer but in those cases the resolution will not be that sharp. The beneficiaries will be able to select what they want. Usually the technician is the one who configures the entire system from distance. The extender is used when there is the need to monitor all sorts of applications which are place in various buildings. The fiber optic gets from a location to the next. It is normal for the panel to be situated in a place and the application to run in a different location. The video is sent from the computer to the monitor. In this case the distance between them can be of 3280 feet.

It seems to be clear that the DVI extender has allowed people to perform operation that they will not be able beforehand. Working remotely is not something impossible, but it is desirable in many industries. The thing is that the technician needs to select the appropriate extender so that the signage is done in the proper manner and it can be controlled with ease by multiple users.

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