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Being in a car accident is not something anyone wants. However, if you have been in one recently, the first thing you must have done is visit your doctor. Your physician is the only person who can clearly explain the details of your injuries. Well, similarly, if your car is damaged the first thing you must do is to get it checked by a good mechanic.

Well, finding a knowledgeable and experienced car mechanic may be a little tricky, but with the tips mentioned below, you are sure to find a good one. Nevertheless, before you begin your search, you want to know how much you car is damaged. This means, determining whether it has a chance to get repaired.

Also, you would like to know if you are covered for the repair expenses or not. If you think your insurance company isn’t doing justice and are not satisfied by the prognosis, you can consult state’s department of insurance and know your rights.

How to find an authentic automobile repair shop?

If you have never consulted an auto body mechanic before, the first thing you must do is take references from friends and family. You can especially consider taking advice from someone who drives the same model as you do. Ask them about their experiences and keep their suggestions in your list.

Next, you can try finding an authentic car repair shop by undertaking a little online research. If you come across any particular shop online make sure you go through their customer’s testimonials. Check for the drawbacks and pluses of the repair shop and also go through their list of services.

Furthermore, never miss on checking the list of their employees and see how experienced and knowledgeable each one of them is. You can also check for licensing and other certifications online. Logically it is better to shortlist such auto repair shops who have at least 10 or more years of experience.

Determining which one is the best:

Since you have shortlisted all your options, now is the time to determine which one is the best. For this, you need to compare them against each other and for that you got to visit and talk to each one of them.

Choosing an auto repair shop isn’t a decision which you must make under any sort of pressure. So, take your time and make a wise decision. Make calls to every shop on your list and ask if you can meet them personally.

Visit the shop and take their estimates. In collision repair, expenses may vary from shop to shop and thus taking at least a few quotes is crucial. Ask for a detailed estimate from every shop.

Now, compare each shop against each other on the basis of price, time they take for repairs and services they will provide. Never settle for one which offers the least price, don’t forget you get what you pay for. So, focus more on the services provided and decide accordingly.

Lastly, once you decide giving your car for repair to a particular shop, ask them to keep you informed about the costs. Also, if the mechanic claims you will get your vehicle just like it was before the collision, ask him/her to sign an agreement stating the same.


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