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Writing a strong essay that will bring you appreciation and the best grade is not that easy. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can improve your essay writing skills so that you will ultimately write that perfect essay you dream about. Let’s see the best techniques that will help you become a better essay writer

Add Extra Information

One way to certainly impress your teacher with the essay you hand in, is to prove your research skills. Your teacher will certainly offer you important bibliography and resources that you can use for your essay. However, you should go the extra mile and invest more time into research to find new, valuableresources and information. Add something new and valuable to your essay, and you will earn those extra points you want.

Learn from the Best Professionals

If you do not have the time or the skills to write an essay, then you should get help through an assignment writing service. and other review sites can recommend the best services with qualified staff writers. The professional writers will complete your essay as per your exact needs and requirements. They will also transfer the rights of the essay 100% to you, so nobody will find out this is not your work.

When you order essays through such reputable writing companies, you will actually have the chance to learn from the best in the field. Check how professionals write their essays, how they edit it, or how they write the citations/source pages. Next time, you will be able to write a gorgeous essay without any help!

Use the Right Sources

In order to create an essay that is valuable and provides important insight into the topic, you must use the most reliable resources. Don’t use online sources where you can’t actually check who the author is, or information coming from a popular blog. Instead, research to get access to highly academic articles and journals, Newspaper articles, and so on. You should typically use a blog as a resource, only if the respective blog is written by a very well-known and respected expert (such as a high profile film or literature critic, or even a writer for example).

The Draft is Important

The draft pages will help you ‘get your thoughts together’ as they say. You should simply put down on paper all the important ideas, words and phrases that come to your mind and which seem quite relevant to thesubject. Don’t worry if your draft seems like an illegible text. The draft will help you not overlook important ideas, and it will help you brainstorm further to great ideas that you can use within your essay.

Your draft can be even up to 5 pages. There’s no limit on how long you should make your draft, just make sure to note down there all important sources, links, ideas, nice phrases, important & powerful adjectives you should use, and so on.

Keep your Own Writing Style

You might have a great ironic, scientific, literary or informal writing style. Whichever it is, you should not force yourself to write in some other style, because the result will be unnatural sounding. Just let your imagination flow, pay attention to grammar and style a little bit, and write in your own style. You will definitely impress people by maintaining a genuine writing style, rather than writing in an unnatural, almost ‘plastic’ manner that is dull and uninteresting.

Keep in mind all these great tips, and you will definitely be able to become a much better writer. Be natural, get outside help if necessary and put down on paper every important word or phrase that pops into your mind, because it will be helpful!


How to Improve your Essay Writing Skills

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