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Many people that vape regularly want to get the most bang for their buck. Because of this, in the past consumers have found ways to modify their box-mod to allow low-resistance coils under 1 omh in their sub ohm tanks —or sub ohm tank like settings and performance through alterations. What this means is that they boost their sub ohm tanks power and pull energy directly from the battery at much higher than normal levels for increased benefits and overall performance. This however was not always possible, especially with cheaper sub ohm vaping products and models, as they were built poorly and could not withstand such a modification of increased power and strain on the battery for more than a few days or less.

Although this has been dangerous in the past to do without extensive knowledge of vapourizing products, it has become more and more common to-date. In fact, it’s one of the most popular ways of vaping since it allows users to get the most flavor, as well as “pull” from their products using the sub ohm tanks method. Because in the past this has been something that also required dangerous methods such as electronic or motherboard alteration, or circuitry manipulation, it was limited for quite a while to only a specific group of experienced vapors. This is due to the reality that there are many dangers to manually increasing wattage while lowering omh coil resistance to 1 omh or less. In essence, this can put unnecessary or impractical strain on your device and it’s battery. In turn, such modification has shown to cause explosions and fires in the past in instances where inexperienced individuals attempted to create such a modification themselves with their vapourizer product. Luckily, many sub ohm tanks as well as directly mechanical box tanks have built in safety-features (or electric limitations) to protect the user from overriding and damaging both the box, as well as potentially their own health. Again, leakage, explosions, and even fire can be caused by the improper usage of sub ohm tanks. This then, is not the sort of vaping that someone should consider unless they are truly committed to completing the utmost research possible and perhaps consulting with another credible contact to determine the safest, most effective way to utilize such a vaping device.

Individuals that use or have modified their device into sub ohm tanks understand the importance of wattage, the limits of their device box-tank or sub ohm box tank, they understand their device thoroughly, and the want to get the most out of their power! It’s worthwhile to research the power and effect charts of wattage when using sub ohm devices, as well as researching further reviews, videos, articles, and journals to get the best feel for what you’re likely capable of, or would like to learn as a vaper. While most sub ohm mechanical tanks do not hit the 0.1 or less omh mark, many are around the 0.2-0.5 mark which is still substantially beneficial for receiving power directly to the device for the ultimate vaping experience!


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