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Digital systems have become so widespread in almost all areas of life such as computers, automated devices, medical science and technology to transportation, entertainment, space explorers and more. Digital system is an electronic system in which each constituent is processing discrete signals. Digital systems consist of several digital / logic circuits, electronic components, and logic gate elements to transfer power/energy.

Some fields that have used digital technology are:

1. Telecommunications.

In telecommunications there is the term data communication, namely technology based on electrical signals of computers, signals are intermittent and use a binary number system. These binary numbers will form codes that represent specific information. This technology allows us to distribute information in various types and large amounts at once. When data is transmitted in the form of a digital signal, even though it has traveled a considerable distance the integrity of the data will be maintained. The digital signal will go through a series of repeater stations that function to protect and strengthen signs along the transmission path. Interference in the form of bad weather and noise will not affect digital signal transmission. The weather can’t change the signal because in the digital signal repeater station will regenerate. New signs will replace damaged signs. Equipment in digital technology generates mass production which will then reduce production costs. Tools in digital technology are also more stable, practical and have long durability in use.

2. Architecture.

Along with the development of digital technology which is increasing in various fields, the architect’s profession is also affected and progressively progresses in using digital technology. The technology is helping the architectural design process to the stage of development. Besides, digital technology enables architects to innovate complex architectural designs in terms of shape, structure, function, material, and environment. Digitally by using application assistance, design aspects such as structure, content, dimensions, and other properties can be integrated into the making of real-time forms of digital 3d models parametrically. This digital 3d model makes it easy for architects to construct the geometry of their architectural design through parameters that are used as input into the application. So that geometric shapes can be changed without having to repeat the manufacturing process, but only by giving different data to the basic parameters that construct the geometry.

Indirectly the digital system has changed human work to be faster and more efficient. The application of digital systems in the world of telecommunications can save costs in various sectors, speed up data transmission, and can combine multiple data into one package to be sent together. Digital communication systems also have better data quality, because errors can be checked in the data transmission.


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