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The Kindle Keyboard 3G, a new member of Amazon’s Kindle family, is the latest wireless reader released by You have to give it a lot of hit points for being thinner, lighter and faster than the previous family members. It’s quite trim and quarter-inch thin.
You can have 3500 books and documents with Kindle Keyboard 3G, which is more than twice of the number it could hold before. It has almost two months battery life with Wi-Fi and 3G turned off; you can read from it without recharging it for over 10 days. This device doesn’t have an off-screen as its wallpaper is always on.

Kindle Keyboard 3G weighs only 8.7 ounces, holding a cool looking sleek design. It means you can now read easily with one hand instead using two hands while reading a book.
It’s called 3G because it comes with 3G wireless connectivity. This means you can buy the latest books and magazines. It gives you a very comfy way to read your favorite blogs without having to sit in front of your laptop or desktop. And since, it’s now very light and smaller than previous versions, it doesn’t look like a mini-computer.

Kindle Keyboard 3G does behave like a book instead of a gadget, as there are no monthly or annual bills. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi to use it at home or your office.
Kindle Keyboard can be read in bright light too. Its store contains 800,000 popular eBooks, where you can buy some of the best sellers online and read the old classics for free. Likewise, it is accessible to randomly selected 9000 blogs on various topics. You can also read the news from the newspapers before your neighbors can read them tomorrow in morning paper.
The Kindle Keyboard 3G costs a $129 or a $139, depending on where you live. It is essentially an e-ink device with a black and white e-ink display, carrying the same resolution as an iPhone.

The Kindle Keyboard 3G is charged through a micro-USB port, entailing a power point, a 3.5 mm head phone jack and a volume rocker on its bottom with page tuners  on it’s both sides and speakers on its back.

This Kindle Keyboard 3G Review gives plus to its new features along with simple, but effective menu to choose from. To round it up, it’s more like a small (in size only) e-library that you can move around with.


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