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If you own a laptop, especially one with 14” or smaller display, you may have even felt that there are indeed rooms for improvements when it comes to the audio. As a matter of fact, this is what most laptop users think and it is very sensible. Most laptops don’t usually come with speakers that can offer high quality or true surround sound. Fortunately, though, there is now the Lapdesk N500 speaker from Logitech. With this particular speaker, which also works as a heat shield for laptop, not only can users enjoy music the way they should but they can prevent their laptop from being overheated as well.

The first good thing about the speaker is that it does not require any batteries or external power sources at all. This is because the device uses a single cable to power it up as both a lapdesk and a speaker. The added advantage is that it won’t cause the users to run short of USB ports as it consumes just a single port.

When you place your 14” laptop, or netbook, the speaker lapdesk will hold it firmly. You, likewise, will also be able to hold the lapdesk firmly thanks to the soft cloth pillow attached to the bottom of the device. As with what most users experience, the speaker lapdesk N550 hardly slides, if at all, while placed on their lap.

Of course, one very important aspect when it comes to speakers is the volume. Therefore, the Sweden manufacturer has made sure that users of its N550 have total control of the device’s volume.

Now, what about the sound quality of the N550? Well, quite amazingly, the integrated speakers are capable of providing full stereo quality sound to either the left or the right ear of the users.

Then, to make sure that users feel comfortable while using the speaker lapdesk N550, Logitech has equipped the device with an angled riser measuring 10 degrees in total. This design won’t likely strain the users’ legs or neck. There is even a soft air-mesh fabric as well that is meant to give users a comfortable feeling while holding the device on their lap.

Last but not least, another advantage that users of the speaker lapdesk N550 can expect is the low power that the device consumes. Built with efficiency in mind, the N550 speaker lapdesk has the power to minimize the use of a laptop battery.


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