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Link Building Strategies by Trusted SEO Companies

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important skills to have in the times we live in. Websites if they want any sort of organic growth and get engagement have to rely on the tactics of SEO experts so that their website could rank higher on Google. The google algorithm is also an everchanging web of code that gets updated regularly and the thing that was working one day for a website to rank higher will not work on the next. SEO Company in Pakistan have also been hard at work using their expertise to always stay up to date on the latest developments done on the search engine and then change and adapt their skill sets accordingly.

There are a few ways SEO experts used to ensure that SEO is done right on a website. Tactics like on page SEO where they optimize the page to look fully complete and up to date so that google would see their page and think that it is of high quality and off page SEO tactics like link building or backlinks are what these experts do everyday so that their Clients can have a page that is frequently ranking on the first page of google.

Backlinking or Link building is very important if someone wants to get their site ranked on google, but before we move onto how it is done, we should first know, why Link building is important for Search Engine Optimization and why care about it?

Why is Link Building Important?

A back link basically refers to the link of your site present on someone else’s site.  A back link shows google that your site has the relevant content regarding the relevant topic and hence should be ranked when someone posts a query regarding it. Building Quality backlinks however is not as easy as spamming your link on a website’s comment section thinking that your site will rank.

There are two types of backlinks. Dofollow and nofollow. Nofollow backlinks are not counted as an endorsement by google and hence have no effect on the SEO of the page. Dofollow backlinks however are counted as an endorsement and affect the SEO of the page positively.

So, what are some strategies by trusted SEO companies in Pakistan to ensure that your site gets higher rankings on google.

Guest posts

 Imagine Neil Patel making a blog post on a site that is owned by Brain Dean. Both are some of the world’s biggest experts and have been a competitor in their field for a very long time. However, as competitors, why is Neil Patel contributing high quality content on Brain Deans website? The answer to that question is guest posting. When Neil posts his content on Brian’s website, he lets Neil put links to his own website on his website. This becomes a win-win situation for both Brian and Neil as one gets a very well-written and great piece of content while the other gets a very high quality backlink.

Guest Posts are an excellent way of creating backlinks however people have been using underhanded tactics to get them. Sites owners have been paying for writers that offer them low quality and then offering them to other site owners for backlink. These shady tactics are often being cracked down on by google. One way you can spot these if you see a site hosting content that is not related to the site’s core niche.

Broken link building

SEO companies in Pakistan also offer a service for building broken links. You can spot a broken link by an Error 404 message that appears on the website. Even some of the highest ranking and up-to-date sites have these problems and you can offer the site to fix all their broken links for them. The fixed links, however, will belong to yourself and you can replace all the sites broken links with them. This also is a win for both parties as one gets an up-to-date site while the other gets a very high quality backlink.

Skyscraper content

The Skyscraper content strategy for SEO is basically that you find a piece of content that is doing well on google. You take that content and even create something a lot better than the existing content. You then reach out to people who are interested in the content you posted and ask them for a backlink. This can be through services like “Help a reporter out” or other services. This is an effective strategy that often brings significant results in terms of SEO.


Here were some of the most effective strategies used by SEO companies in Pakistan. If you try to use the very same strategies, you will also do wonders for the SEO of your site.


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