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Being a freelancer in the information and technology sector demands that one continually upgrades the knowledge and skills to keep up with the current market trends. This can be done via over the job training, or via taking private or regular formal courses at some college or school. To become a most sought after freelancer in field of IT, the best way is to continue the process of learning and improving skills and abilities. Majority of the clients who look for freelancers prefer individuals who have valid proof of their capabilities and work. They critically analyze the portfolio and hire freelancers accordingly. Clients would not take any risk to invest money and time on some unskilled professional; therefore they hire individuals who hold latest and fresh certifications. That is why earning certifications is ideal for freelancers who want to grab the attention of more clients who would pay them heavy amounts of fee. If you are working as a freelancer in IT and want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you must earn certifications and catch up to the required level of professionalism in the market.

Following are some of the best certifications accordance with selftesttraining.com for freelancers rendering services in the sector of information and technology:


The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network associate is a popular certification provided by Cisco systems. Clients always demand for experts and professionals who have sound expertise in Cisco system and technologies. This credential validates a professional knowledge and understanding about various Cisco technologies, systems, and operating systems. Earning this certification would demonstrate your advanced skills and clients would know that you are an expert in dealing with Cisco networks.

5 Most Desirable It Certifications For Freelancers


Apple certified support professional is one of the most valuable certification for freelancers as Apple is the leading share holder of the information technology market and a huge number of clients demand for qualified support experts to manage the Apple software, hardware, and integration. This certification verifies a freelancer’s knowledge about Apple’s operating system at both the basic and advanced level.


The CISSP or certified information security systems professional is a globally recognized credential in virtually all sectors of information security. It’s a vendor neutral certification and verifies skills required for safeguarding sensitive organizational and personal data.

Oracle Data-base Certification

Databases and cloud computing are vital components of information technology market. Oracle is a renowned organization which specializes in cloud computing and databases. Earning this certification would open numerous doors of opportunities for the freelancers who want to make a successful career with Oracle technologies and systems.


The Adobe certified expert or ACE is a well-recognized certification in the IT sector. Adobe software and programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, flash, and InDesign are implemented in various fields. Earning an ACE certification would make a freelancer stand out from the rest of the professionals by equipping the certificate holder with skills required to effectively manage and operate Adobe Programs.


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