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Linux Dedicated Hosting – Must Know Facts

Many enterprises have always preferred Linux dedicated hosting when it came to the question of web hosting. Though there has been a steady increase in demand of Windows dedicated hosting service over the years (because of the availability of wide array of Windows based applications and increased scope of customization), it is hardly anywhere near the popularity of Linux dedicated servers. Therefore, it becomes important to check out different aspects related to the most popular form of dedicated hosting more closely. Some of them are mentioned below:

Fact #1: Features

When you choose Linux dedicated hosting, you can get 64 bit Centos Linux along with complete access. In fact, 64 bit Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04 can also be availed. In some cases, people also ask for 32 bit Centos installations and they can be availed here too. Users will also get cpanel along with WHM control panel. Though Centos 6.x along with cPanel is the recommended one, other operating systems of Linux such as Cloud Linux and Ubuntu are also available. However, it should be kept in mind that on Ubuntu cPanel can’t be accessed.

As security is one of the most important aspects associated with dedicated hosting, firewall is an important feature. Therefore, check which firewall is given within the package of Linux dedicated server. There are many service providers who provide IPtables firewall. When it comes to support, there are many that a user will need for smooth and efficient working of a dedicated server and some of them include FFmpeg support, Ruby (on Rails), Python, Perl, PHP, MySQL, and Apache Web Server.

There are several other features that can be accessed through Linux dedicated hosting and here we will chart out some of them. When you buy a dedicated server service, check out whether you are getting root shell along with full SSH access for all accounts on server. Always check whether the service provider is providing you with full featured WHM or Root WHM so that you can change many aspects that administrators of the service providers are only able to make. Though it is obvious still it must be said that dedicated static IPs can also be availed by the users. It is also obvious that by choosing Linux dedicated hosting you will get access to innumerable emails as well as outgoing messages every hour. Through SSH, users will get full access to server logs.

Fact #2: Disk Space utilized by Operating System along with included Software

Around 2GB of the dedicated server’s disk space is utilized by the operating system as well as the included software.

Fact #3: Extent of Installation

Almost anything can be installed in case of dedicated servers. However, the same facility is also available for VPS hosting.

Fact #4: Is Reseller Centre there in Root WHM?

Yes, access to reseller centre is there for root WHM but it is only true for dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

Fact #5: Availability of Control Panel with Linux Dedicated Hosting

When a business enterprise buys services of a Linux based dedicated server, the default control panel it will get are root WHM as well as cPanel.

Fact #6: WHM and availability of its different Types in Dedicated Hosting

Administrative access to cPanel’s backend can be achieved through a powerful program called WHM or Web Host manager. Some of the leading hosting companies use two versions of WHM. While Linux dedicated hosting or even the VPS accounts get rWHM or root WHM, basic WHM is available to the reseller accounts.

Fact #6: Root WHM Access Explained for Dedicated Servers

In the last point, we have seen that root WHM is available to the owners of both VPS and dedicated servers. So, it needs more investigation. When we say root WHM, it essentially means full WHM along with root access. Now, let’s check out the different things that WHM users have. The tool must be able to create, suspend, and delete cPanel accounts. In fact, password resets or monitoring and management of sites can be done with the help of tools. The user must be able to access all DNS zones of the domains. The administrators will be able to configure customer support requests with the help of cPanel. When it comes to root WHM of Linux dedicated hosting, the users will be able to check server information as well as status. The facility of customization ability for hosting as well as control panel can be accessed. In fact, as a user, you can be able to change client domain names as well as usernames.

There are many other facilities available to WHM of root owners and the first thing that needs special mention is the ability for changing primary cPanel username. They will also get adequate access for installing SSL certificated for making their sites more secure.


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