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Making The Most Out Of Your First Year In College

As we begin our journey through the college world, there are a lot of responsibilities that new students must pay close attention to in order to succeed. College students are often struggling through managing their classes while remaining organized; causing a lot of them to not be able to make the most out of their first year in college.

I wanted to lay out three important factors that new students should keep in mind while progressing through their first year of college. Focusing on these can be a sure-fire way to make the most out of your first year in college.

Making The Most Out Of Your First Year In College

Decide on a Major

It is definitely not uncommon for a new college student to change their major within their first year of school. In fact, it is encouraged. As new information comes around, a student may decide to shift their focus towards a new career path – focusing on a new STEM major.

Deciding on your major before you finish you first year in college can greatly lower the stress levels surrounding the college life – while also significantly lowering your overall cost of tuition.

Utilize Your Extracurricular Activities

“When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I had discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater” – Morgan Freeman

Not only are extracurricular activities a great way to pass the time, but they can significantly assist you through your first year in college. Colleges will take notice of your participation in these activities -especially the extracurricular activities you participated in while you were in high school.

Having these types of activities under your belt can help you gain some recognition within your new school. Plus, doing something you truly care about can make the road through your first year a little less bumpy.

For example, if you are interested in becoming a music instructor, extracurricular activities like teaching and mentoring music students can put you in a great place to start.

Overall, the first year of college requires a great deal of focus. However, with these tips, and a little motivation, you will be soaring through your first year in no time.


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