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Mobile Performance Testing: The Common Challenges

Interfacing mobile and app simultaneously in an effective and efficient way is rigorous and challenging for mobile engineers. As technology is rapidly taking its place, you would agree that management and smooth performance is equally on high-demand. The first and foremost thing that comes on the table is “User Experience” (UX) that every company agrees with. For instance, it is important to keep up the user experience with every app whether it is suitable for mobile or web.

Also, many mobile engineers have stated how they have faced various challenges during the mobile performance testing. As most of the people are using different apps mostly on mobile, companies also instructed their team to put more emphasis on improving mobile user experience. However, many mobile engineers have stated some common challenges in mobile performance testing and they are stated below:

Mobile Performance Testing: The Common Challenges

Apps for different mobile devices

Apps need to be compliant with different mobile devices, hence, the app content and data can also be differently presented in different devices that includes hardware settings and software configurations. As different types of apps are built and processed differently, they need to interact with backend process in a different ways. Creating a great and camplient combination between mobile devices and apps is a challenge that needs to be tackled.

Accessibility of network

This can be the biggest challenge for mobile engineers as networking system can draw a great impact on apps performance and also user experience. For instance, there is utmost efficient network connectivity technology, but the response of connectivity may vary due to different locations, networking carriers, user’s circle and many more.

Processing a strong backend service

Nowadays, companies are more inclined towards providing a great user experience to their leads both in web and mobile app. Processing on both platforms are great until there is a same back-end both for mobile and web apps. If not! Then, your users may face many problems with function and connectivity. 

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User experience (UX)

Emulators and simulators are the common practices that are used in performing load generation in app performance testing. But, it is also noticeable that these cannot be reliable to measure the actual end-user experience.

The challenges are enormous when it comes to optimizing mobile performance testing but above-mentioned are the frequently occurring challenges faced by mobile engineers. Also, to reduce such challenges, many institutional organizations provide comprehensive Mobile App Testing Training to every prospective mobile engineers.


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