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You Can Get A Good Price For Your Used iPhone

It always makes sense to sell your old iPhone if you want to buy the latest model. But before you sell it, here’s a few things you need to take care of. Remember that refurbished smartphones can get the maximum price. Now what does this mean? Maybe your phone had some glitches, or developed a few problems after a few months’ use; you need to get them fixed before you sell your device. You can also clean change the outer casing if it is chipped or damaged so that your refurbished mobiles looks as good as new.

You Can Get A Good Price For Your Used iPhone

l  Timing is crucial – typically, you need to sell your iPhone when you are most likely to get the maximum price for it. A good time is when you know this particular model has been around for a while but Apple is likely to announce the later model soon. Once the latest model is announced, the prices of older models come crashing down.

l  Make sure you have all its accessories – the earphones, charging cable, and the original box, if you still have it. You are sure to get a touch more if you have all this with you. Make sure the battery is in good condition.

l  Back up your phone and make sure you wipe it clean of all your personal data, files, apps and so on. You don’t want anyone gaining access to your accounts, or burden them with the work of deleting a stranger’s personal files! If your phone is locked to any particular carrier, unlock it so that anyone can use it anywhere.

l  You can get your phone listed on a reputed retail site; make sure you include as many photos and information as is necessary to pique consumer interest.

l  You can sell it back to the manufacturer – often, big companies like Apple and Samsung buy back their older models.

But remember that refurbishing phones is not an easy task; you have to find a reliable and qualified technician, and you will never be sure if the parts they have used are genuine or not. You have to spend time and money, and some effort in going to the person to check up on the status and so on. After all that, there is the task of finding a buyer who is willing to pay you the price you want; after all the money you spent on refurbishing has to be recovered! So how will you solve this problem?

Keep it simple: sell your phone to They will first check to see if your old iPhone meets their exacting quality standards. If they are satisfied, they will buy the device from you outright, and your responsibility ends there. You get your money without any additional effort on your part!

They have an expert team that revamps and refurbishes your old iPhone to make it look and work just like new, and offer a warranty as well.

Do you want good value for your used devices? Or are you looking to buy a used smartphone online? In either case, has ideal solutions for you. Visit today!



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