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Over half of US small businesses in 2009 did not have a company website based on statistics confirmed by the US Census Bureau. With the increase popularity of mobile devices, social media platform and online marketing tools overall, it is not surprising that this figure has drastically decreased since that study was first conducted. However, having a standard website that is designed specifically for computers will force you to leave a lot of profitable opportunities and prospective sales on the tables of your competition. Investing in a responsive web design that is compatible with mobile devices, on the other hand, will prevent those opportunities from slipping through your fingers.

More than Just Mobile: The Value of Using a Responsive Web Design for Your Website

The Flexibility of Responsive Web Design

A major selling point of responsive web design is its overall flexible nature. Even if you decide to learn how to create mobile website online, taking the steps to find flexible web page layouts that can easily be modified to meet the specific needs of your unique visitors is a wise decision. Responsive web design allows web designers to maintain complete control when it comes to optimizing the average user’s experience regardless of the size of the device that is being used at the time. In order to place a stake within the flexible market of eCommerce, it is imperative for you to have a website with a flexible design to match.

The Three Key Elements

Another benefit that can be experienced simply by deciding to invest in a responsive web design is the extensive list of premium features that come along with it. From an outside perspective, it may seem that a responsive web design would be a little too complicated to understand, implement and maintain over time. Due to a series of three key elements, implementing a responsible web design within your company’s website is actually much easier than you might think. The standard grid and included images are replaced with flexible alternatives that depend specifically on the device that is being used. Web designers that only know it with standard options will be forcing their prospective consumers to rely excessively on their device’s zoom capabilities just to be able to read their online content.

The Advantages over Mobile

A common misconception and false assumption is that responsible web design is the same thing as creating a mobile website. Even though there are quite a few similarities between these two types of website design, there are several key differences that need to be taken into consideration as well. For instance, a mobile website is created specifically for mobile devices. If you have ever tried to open a mobile website on a desktop or laptop computer, you more than likely noticed the drastic difference in efficiency, appearance and performance almost immediately.

The same is the case when you open a standard, non-mobile website on your smartphone. Instead of creating two different websites (one mobile and one standard), a responsive web design allows to create one website that meets the standards of both types effortlessly. Even though you might be able to save a lot of money today by learning how to create mobile website online, a responsive web design will allow you to convert more unique visitors into paying customers tomorrow.

The Wise Investment Choice

The days when a standard website was the most efficient and effective online marketing tool for the vast majority of consumers has been over for quite some time now. Your best bet would be to invest your hard-earned money, time and other valuable resources of your business into fully taking advantage of the expanding mobile eCommerce market by developing a responsive web design for your company’s website.


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