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The construction of the roof of industrial buildings is a serious issue, and it is worthwhile to approach it with all responsibility. The areas of such premises are large; their installation takes a lot of time. For industrial facilities, choose functional options, which, often, are more economical, since their appearance does not have special requirements.

The price of such materials depends on their strength, durability and ease of installation. However, it is not necessary to save too much, because the durability of such surfaces, like any other, is very important. If it is necessary to repair the industrial roof often, it will not be possible to save it, rather, on the contrary, you will have to pay more.

Today, the range of roofing materials is very wide. Consider those of them with which you can cover the roof of industrial buildings. Let us look more at the industrial roofing services.

Bituminous materials

Roller bituminous fused materials are often used for the construction of flat roofs. They are based on fiberglass (fiberglass, fiberglass) or synthetic components (for example, polyester). On both sides they are impregnated with modified bitumen, which protects the roof surface from mechanical damage.


  • 100% tightness;
  • a rather long service life (30 years);
  • strength;
  • elasticity;
  • water resistance;
  • resistance to mechanical deformation;
  • Resistance to temperature changes.

Mastic materials

Flat roofing of the building can be arranged with mastic materials. They are made on the basis of mastic and have a liquid form. After application, they solidify and turn into an elastic material resembling rubber.Mastics are well attached to metal surfaces and concrete. They are more durable and wear-resistant than roll materials.

Roofs covered with mastic are reliably protected from ultraviolet radiation, retain their properties at negative temperaturesand are characterized by high noise insulation and durability (up to 15-20 years). They are not subject to rotting, corrosion; do not emit harmful substances into the environment.

Profiled sheeting

  • For inclined roofs of industrial structures, often used corrugated board
  • It is important that it has high waves (from 35 to 158 mm), which increase its strength and rigidity.
  • This roofing material is a wavy sheet of galvanized steel.


  • Profilists are coated with polymers, which provide resistance to corrosion and aesthetic qualities of the material.
  • They are well tolerated by temperature changes, typical for Russian climatic conditions.
  • Profilists have a small weight, which greatly simplifies their installation and does not require reinforcement of the roof truss structure.
  • Long service life (about 20 years)

Ability to violate the waterproofing of the roof, because of which there is a need for periodic testing of the suitability of the coating.The materials listed by us are best suited for industrial buildings. There are other options. Everything depends on the project of the building and on the planned budget. You can get a free consultation on roofing coverings; purchase them at favorable prices, and also order installation and delivery.


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