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The kids should not be left deprived from the amazing feeling of playing a fast paced and good quality video game. The numbers of game developers who aren’t making just intense violent games are growing in number every day. The gaming world has expanded and includes kids and preschoolers in its list of players. Many intelligent and thought inducing games are being made by the best game developers in the world. As a result kids are turning into serious gamers too. Now even kids are playing action games, and sports games designed especially for them.

What To Expect

Previously educational games meant boring preachy content that scared the kids instead of entertaining them. Now with funbrain, there is a huge collection of brand new innovative contents in video games. Word games don’t mean just puzzles and riddles. There are simple games that teach kids both formation of words and spelling. In a game, there is a bowl of soup swarming with alphabets. More alphabets are falling from above, and the kids will have to make meaningful words from those alphabets. The players need to click on the necessary alphabets for the formation of the words.

How To Play

The kids have to be fast with this kind of games because the faster they form the words the higher will be their score. These games score on the basis of speed and number of words created. It is a test how fast can the kid form a word from a string of letters and how many ways he can combine those same letters to form new words. There are all kinds of games in funbrain for these little players. These kids are equally passionate about playing video games like older kids. So even if these games are light-hearted and educational, they are still made competitive enough to keep the junior players hooked till the end.


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