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It’s no surprise that the gadgets industry is constantly evolving. New gadgets are being introduced at top speed for solving so many dilemmas present in your daily lives. While there are some innovators who make gadgets that target the big problems, there are some who noticed the small problems and invented some real cool gadgets. Once you lay your hands upon these gadgets, you will thank them for removing the little annoyances in your life. Here are five gadgets that promise to make your life easier:

Wall Socket Safe

Did travelling last month to various places to attend functions hosted by relatives made you lose your peace of mind because of valuables lying at home? Are your travel visits sudden leaving you with no time to deposit your precious items at bank before going? Or are you someone who owns many confidential files and fears losing them? Say hello to Wall socket safe! A safe that looks like just like a plug outlet but is actually stores your items discreetly without anyone knowing. Installing is super easy which makes it a hit among many! It comes with a key and manual also. Buy it for yourself for a heavy discount using paytm offers available on CashKaro.com along with the benefit of cash back.

 5 Life Changing Gadgets!

Credit Card Light Bulb

Power cuts are a common scenario in India. And not all have LED flash light in their cellphones to help them reach their home securely in absence of electricity. Besides for frequent travellers, it’s even more important to have a portable light source for emergency situations. Credit card light bulb is a great solution for this! It’s a tiny light bulb that bears the resemblance of a card and fits easily in your wallet. To turn on light, all you have to do it flip the bulb. An affordable magic wand in this era!

5 Life Changing Gadgets!

Self-stirring Mug

Be it a cup of cold chocolate coffee or a steaming mug of latte, no one likes to miss out on it just because they are running late for work! Or imagine a mug mixing all the ingredients for your favourite drink while you lay on bed relaxing with your favourite book! A self-stirring mug will help you do just that! Add style to your lifestyle by bringing this beauty in your life. Because in this day and age where you thrive on the latest technology even to get small things done, why waste your time stirring and waiting? All you have to do it press on a button on this cup and it will do the rest of the work itself while you perform other tasks. Shop for it online at a lesser price by taking advantage of exclusive snapdeal coupons present on CashKaro.com.

5 Life Changing Gadgets!

Anti-slip Car Mat

Undoubtedly your phone is your best friend and you don’t like to lose its sight even for a minute. And it can be a trouble to check out who’s calling you while you are driving your car. Now you can always keep your phone in your sight without running the risk of losing your concentration while driving by using an anti-slip car mat. And don’t just limit its purpose to keeping phones securely. You can also use it to place other items like your sunglasses, pen or even coins. They have a strong stickiness and don’t leave any sticky residue on your items.

5 Life Changing Gadgets!

Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Losing luggage can be a nightmare! Most of the people carry their world with them when travelling. While it’s alight to do so, it’s crucial to be a sensible traveller by taking extra precautions so as to not lose any part of your luggage. Luggage tracker from Trakdot will help you prevent any theft nightmare or let you survive on a bad day. Place it in your travel bag and track the whereabouts of your luggage by logging into your Trakdot mobile application. It’s based on latest cellular telephone technologies which makes it unquestionably a reliable option. It is a must have if you are a travelling fanatic.

5 Life Changing Gadgets!

Once you lay your hands upon these gadgets, you will wonder how you survived without them for this long!


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