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Who would have thought that a quaint town like Bhiwadi, nesting safely in the lap of the Alwar district in Rajasthan, could become a hot spot for the upcoming residential projects?

The upcoming projects in Bhiwadi are as good as any other residential projects in any other city, big or small.

Here are some details on new projects that have recently sprung up in Bhiwadi, built near the country side, these projects are very close to nature and are a true respite from the heat of Rajasthan. The details on new projects also include the ample amount of parking space, the modern safety measures, lift systems, state of the art infrastructure, and play grounds for young residents, club houses and much more.

With the changing scenario in the Real estate sector, it is a pleasure to see small towns and quaint cities coming up with luxurious and convenient homes, flats and apartments.

Nowadays it is very important for developers and builders to come with some innovative ideas as far as real estate is concerned. The new generation of homeowners wants variety and value for money designs and ideas. If any one of the builders is a bit casual about this fact then he shall be beaten in the race to excellence, in the realty sector such a defeat is as good as dying.

Developers and builders need to embrace change in order to achieve their goals and entice their target audience. Nowadays, due to various forums on realty and many other websites have gained momentum, which has led to the increase in the people who constantly discuss various issues concerning the realty sector. One such collective issue was the price rise in the real estate market. To combat this many developers have tried the bargaining stint with the buyers. This has helped in overcoming such a problem. These upcoming projects in Bhiwadi include luxurious 2, 3 and palatial 4 BHK homes and apartments.

It was observed that not many buyers liked a fully developed home and would want to customise it according to their standard and way of life. Developers then decided to provide the buyers, especially independent home buyers, homes and allow them to customise them accordingly. The buyers were pleased to see that they could choose their own kind of flooring, kitchen and bathroom ware, their kind of colours and much more. This change was needed to increase the business and also to keep the consumer, the king, happy, as it saves a lot of money, time and energy in the long run.

People working in the Information Technology sector often voiced their demand for serviced apartments, as their busy schedules could not cater to all the other nitty-gritties of a daily lifestyle. Several developers adopted this formula and designed various projects consisting serviced apartments. This was a huge success among the IT professionals and also helped other developers to broaden their horizons and explore other areas in their sector.

With global warming being the burning topic, more and more buyers are preferring to buy environment friendly homes and apartments. They want a mix of both worlds, the happening city life that defines their day and the silent welcome of Mother Nature that refines their night.

This has led most of the developers to switch to green living and providing their residents the best of both worlds. Rain Water Harvesting plants, solar energy lighting etc. are some major techniques that have been adopted by the upcoming residential projects.

It is very well quoted, ‘ The only thing constant in life is change’, ironical to the core, it describes our true nature. These upcoming projects in Bhiwadi are so classy and convenient that it does not feel as though Bhiwadi is a small district.


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