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Motivation is an essential tool. This can help anyone perform better. For this reason, the corporates are waking up to the requirement of hiring motivational speakers. However, there are companies which consider this as an additional expenditure. If you fall in this list, you will be surprised to find out what a motivational speaking can do for you and your organization. Russ Lea is an experienced speaker. He has done a lot of motivational speaking in his life to know what a session of motivational speaking can offer.

Russ being the director of MCNC Research & Development Institute knows that employees need motivational uplifting every now and then. He says that hiring an outsider works better than finding someone from inside. If you are wondering why so, you would be surprised to know that when an outsider says something it penetrates better than when a known face says the same thing. Besides, the outsider comes with the tag of specialist which plays a big role in holding the attention of the audience. They get hooked because they know that the person talking to them is an expert.

Russ Lea is a motivational speaker. He knows what a motivational speaker has got to offer. He advocates finding an entertainer for the next motivational speaking session. He says that motivational speaking sessions are nothing but entertainment sessions. If people don’t get entertained, they would not pay attention to the speaker. Also, the message would not get through the mind. A lasting impression is what everyone looks for. This is achievable only when the speaker possesses distinguished personality. If you are looking for a motivational speaker, Russ says find someone who has experience and right charm to make the event a memorable one.

Hiring a motivational speaker will help your organization to convey a message to the audience. However, for this the speaker needs to be very good. Does not matter what message you are trying to send to your team says Russ. It might be leadership skill. It might be time management. Or, it might be research and development skill. A motivational speaker will be able to send the right message. The speaker will be able to tell the team what they want to hear. It is not what you say, Russ wants everyone to know. It is how you say that matters. A professional speaker knows how to say things to get the message through.

Knowledge and skill are two important things which motivational speaking sessions offer. However, this anyone can impart, you might debate. But, not every message has the power to hold attention. The same thing two people can say and people might ignore one while chase another one. It happens frequently. A professional know what to say to make people listen.

Body language is an important part of any speaking session. It is not only the words. It is more than that. The body language should be proper, so that people get to enjoy the speaking session. Without experience of working as a speaker, everyone will not be able to display the right body language.


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