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Web Design Trends for 2019

2018 was a great year for web designing industry as we saw the rise of many sensational and interactive trends in the industry.

As we move well into 2019, we are already seeing even better and exciting trends challenging the norms and shaping the industry for the better.

Here we have brought some of the most happening and trendy web design aspects to look out for in 2019:

A Clean Design

To be honest, this isn’t a new trend. Rather, we have witnessed the rise of minimalist and clean design for some years now. This year we expect even more and more websites following the suite.

What’s a Minimalist Design?

If you happen to remember websites from the early 2000 era, you must remember how designers at that time prefer to stuff up the entire space into text or images. Yup, it feels overwhelming and congested today, however, back in days that was the trend.

Coming to a minimalist design, it represents a clean and lean design interface with intelligent use of whitespace surrounding different two-dimensional elements. Primarily, designers switched to flat/minimalist design to be able to optimize performance (loading time) for the websites. However, over the years this has completely overtaken the industry and today it’s all about delivering a breathable and interactive user interface to visitors by decluttering the interface of any unnecessary elements.

 Interactive Gifs

Looking at the users’ preferences, businesses today have the only fraction of a minute (typically no more than 5 seconds) to make an impact onto the visitors. This means that businesses need to strike hard and struck right from the very second a visitor lands on the landing page.

And that’s precisely where GIFs come into play…

GIFs are short interactive and attention-grabbing imagery that is able to hook users attention while delivering the message with an interactive approach. Even better is the fact that most of the major browsers today support GIFs animations, thereby, websites can easily rely on these interactive graphics to do the work for them.

Intelligent Bots

For the past few years, Chatbots have made a tremendous impact on the responsiveness and customer service for the websites. Today, the technological breakthrough in machine learning and artificial intelligence is pushing the boundaries for the efficiency and effectiveness of Chatbots for websites.

Major businesses around the world are exploiting the automation of Chatbots to deliver a fasters, interactive and instant customer service to customers, thus optimizing their business function effectively.

Moving into 2019, we are definitely going to see a lot more businesses integrating AI-powered Chatbots into their websites.

Intelligent Use of Whitespace

Taking the lead from our first point, the intelligent use of white space has become an industry standard that’s here to stay for long.

To put it simply, today all websites need to follow a proper design code where the use of whitespace bagged a center stage. Since users are highly preferring websites with a clean and simpler interface, web designers are innovating the use of whitespace to create splendid design patterns that do the job for businesses.

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