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SEO Measures to Take Before Launching A Website

Launching a new website is a complex procedure and demands significant attention. Most of us focus more on the design part of the website, trying to make it look appealing to users. Well, in fact, SEO is what makes it stand high among its competitors.


We have discussed some of the most important SEO measures that require considerable attention before launching a new website. 

ON Page SEO 

If you are planning on launching a new website, ON-Page SEO is an important consideration among others and is therefore listed on top. It is a complex and delicate process that involves optimization of the individual web pages of your new website to make its standing higher among others. A higher ranking will earn lots of traffic in search engines. On-Page SEO refers to both the content of the website as well as the HTML source code of the page. Both these areas need optimization. 

Page Speed

Speed of your newly launched website is directly related to the number of visitors staying, which makes speed a paramount of success. Google gives priority to users, and studies revealed that users stay on the site for as long as 3 seconds. Therefore, page speed is a direct ranking factor, and Google dislikes ranking sites that provide a bad user experience. 

Mobile Friendliness

In this era of advanced smartphones, users approach websites at a click of a button on their phones. Mobile friendliness is also a crucial factor that can determine your website ranking. Websites that are mobile-friendly easily outrank the ones that are non-friendly. By optimizing your website to become mobile-friendly, the format and content will be accessible to mobile users making the SEO content more effective. This will also rank the website higher in search engines. 

Domain Name

Before starting a new website, a very important decision to make is selecting the right domain name, it is one of the SEO strategies to gain higher rankings on search engines. The domain name is the recognition of your brand, business, or website. It reflects what your website is all about, the products and services offered. The domain name should be such that users are able to recall it anytime. 

Content Stock

If you wish to bring organic traffic to your newly launched website, use content marketing. All the content must reflect the keyword of your website to be ranked higher among competitors. Also, it is best advised to keep a stock of content before going live. This means to create as many articles as you can that targets the keywords. Posting regular content will make your website legit and most active on search engines. 

Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics is a key to growth in SEO. It is a process of collecting, tracking, and analyzing marketing data. This marketing data is directly related to your website’s organic traffic. Understanding the incoming traffic is an important factor for the growth of the website. With this, you can optimize the content to specific keywords and resolve the errors. 

Final Words

These were some of the most important SEO measures to consider before launching a website. Which of these measures did you opt for? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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