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No doubt you spend plenty of time energy and resources keeping your body healthy on the inside and looking great and fit on the outside. Consider putting the same amount of energy in your home. It will pay off in spades. Not only will your home be more welcoming, but you’ll be protecting what is quite possibly your largest investment. Stand across the street and take stock of the curb appeal of your home. Be prepared to make a list of needed improvements. Check out the landscaping, front door, shutters, driveway and mailbox. More often than not, ramping up your home’s curb appeal is more about labor than spending a fortune. Follow these suggestions from the professionals to get your home shining again.

Ramp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Begin with the landscaping. Trim all the shrubs away from windows, doors and walkways. Shape shrubbery along natural growth lines. Trim any tree limbs that hang lower than eight feet off the ground. Put fresh pine straw or pine bark in the shrub beds. Clear out any weeds and debris from lawn. Select an area by the street or mailbox for bedding flowers. A burst of color is always welcoming and enhances curb appeal. Place a container of flowers on the steps or near the front door. Don’t overdue it with the flowers unless you’re a hobby gardener as they require substantial maintenance.

Check and repair any loose gutters or shutters. If you have a screen door or storm door on the front of your home that is dated or showing signs of disrepair, remove or update it. Select a paint color that compliments the house color and update the front door and shutters. Replace the mailbox, porch light and door mat if needed. These items can be purchased inexpensively at a local home improvement store. Following these simple steps will jazz up your curb appeal and make your house a welcoming home.


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