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Starting Out Strong With The Help Of SEO Experts In Sydney

The year 2016 has been great, especially in terms of SEO. It seems like it was just yesterday when we were making our plans for all those that we wish to achieve in the coming times. We have stepped into year 2017 and it seems to be perfect for planning, strategizing and arranging for all the SEO activities. Before things get rolling lets take a quick look at some of the activities that can prove to be of great help in the coming times.

The SEO Experts in Sydney understands that Google’s AMP has a major role to play:

In simple terms AMP can be understood as Accelerated Mobile Pages project. It is basically an initiative by Google for building a user friendly mobile Web. It involves the introduction of all together new “standards” for the purpose of web content.

This focuses on all kinds of mobile devices. In the recent times, it is hogging a lot of limelight due to its utility aspect. But the webmasters and SEOs need to be very careful when it comes to its usage.

Is AMP a Google fad that loses its charm in the coming times?

Well, to get a clear answer it is important to understand the AMP strategies that need to be implemented carefully for making a difference.

  • Brilliant user experience: It deals with all the issues related to speed. CSS and HTML are much “lighter”. And the best part is that the content for the AMP will be fetched directly from the version that is Google-hosted cached kinds. So you get to experience

30 times faster speed.

  • Positive CTR and ranking.

  301 redirects can prove to be a blessing in disguise.

The golden rule is: Don’t go overboard with the redirects.

These tend to act like the PageRank leak. It is important to pay attention to the fact that Google is now attempting to change the entire scenario by changing the face of redirects. It means that these will not result in the loss of the PageRank. So even if you are using the 3xx redirection you don’t need to worry about the loss of rankings. This is a landmark in the field of redirects.

 Tips for fixing the  HTTPS:

Do you feel that these are exhausting the referral data?

The professionals offering Best SEO services in Sydney understand that HTTP is a major ranking factor. Switching over to HTTPS is important for dealing with the attribution related issues. But just in case your website focuses on directing people to other websites for making money, then you need to think twice before following this strategy.

When you decide to switch over then HTTPS won’t allow your website to send referral data to other sites. For dealing with this you need to get the referral data to the HTTP site from the HTTPS web site.

Are you focusing on building citations?

If you are associated with a local business and this is your strategy then it is high time that you just take a break. There are studies that reveal that citation building is an overestimated factor. Also, its volume and strength will not make much of a difference in terms of the local rankings. But this does not mean that you can completely avoid citation consistency.

Voice Search Optmization:

You will be getting an extraordinary branding opportunity when a user actually makes a voice search for a specific keyword. This holds true in case your your website has a good ranking in a featured snippet. Google will refer your brand and what can be better than this!

This can actually be the right push that you need to add to your future SEO plans.


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