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International MBA Programs - How Do You Decide the Right One For You?

The small global village we call the world today, needs expertise in management. Just understanding the local conditions of a market isn’t enough today, MBA enthusiasts need to be able to understand the global context more.

Every young business student needs to be well equipped with knowledge of different disciplines to succeed – and choosing the right MBA university goes a long way to that.

International MBA- How Does It Help?

International MBA Programs - How Do You Decide the Right One For You?

Universities all over the world now offer global MBA programmes for international students that make them capable of surviving in the real world amidst every scenario and having a good set of knowledge and expertise at hand.

The Global MBA Project is a 12-month full-time international MBA program with English as the medium of teaching and education.

There are 3 main modules in this program including general management, and concentration-specific courses. There is also an internship or a project work period involved. The course is carried out in different disciplines:

– MBA in Green Energy And Sustainable Business

– MBA in Corporate Finance

– MBA in Design, Fashion And Luxury Goods

– MBA in Food And Wine

– MBA in Innovation Management / Mechanics & Automation

Why Should You Get an International MBA in Italy?

The stable economy, high growth rates, sterling educational infrastructure and an inclusive, multiracial environment in Italy has long attracted students from various adjoining nations for its International MBA Programme.

Moreover, the extremely easy immigration policies for western nations and a policy that doesn’t require a visa application for EU nations attracts students from many backgrounds, qualifications and ethnicities for the international MBA programmes in the country.

What makes this international MBA programme an even more lucrative option is the excellent business and global exposure on offer when you get an international MBA.

Understanding the Right Approach to your MBA Degree

What the international or global MBA programme does is provide a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to your management studies and give you an insight into the multiple disciplines that make a successful management graduate.

This course will especially help the ones moving towards entrepreneurship, as various aspects of a business enterprise and its relation with the global market and provides opportunities to learn from all the major leading companies that have set their foot worldwide taking a cue from their success stories.

Which MBA University Should You Choose?

Out of all the reputed institutions of higher education, the Bologna Business School, one of the oldest institutions in the world has a special reputation in regards to the international MBA programme.

The Global MBA programme of this university has attained an EPAS accreditation. An EPAS is basically an international program certification system run by an organisation known as the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

The objectives of this organisation are to examine the quality of any business and management program that has extensive international reach and angle and, accreditation or certification is provided when it is of an excellent standard and meets the EFMD’s specifications.


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